Wednesday, March 30, 2016

WednesdayMarch 30, 2016


Thursday Cavetime will be for students who need to make up term 3 essays. Meet at lab 224.  

Third/last day of SAGE Testing for A-Day classes -- 
If you missed a day, you will have more time made available to finish your test. 

Bring your pencil.
Bring your nonfiction book and your book of the month assignment -- just in case you finish. 

Important announcement:  You now have up to 90 minutes for EACH of the two essays. 

Yeah, it's funny, but DON'T be a Calvin on the test!

Sage Testing:  ELA Writing Test
March 23 through March 30. 
B-Day Classes test: March 23, March 25, and March 29.
A-Day Classes test: March 24, March 28, March 30. 

In the classroom:
 Book of the Month Assignment:

Click on the link then click on the Download tab to access it. 

When you are done with SAGE Testing:

  • Read your nonfiction book and work on your book assignment.
  • Prepare to be a class expert for Long Walk to Water.
  • Practice your word parts (on your magical study guide). 

Will March go out like a lion or like a lamb?