Monday, March 21, 2016

Tuesday/Wednesday, March 22-23, 2016

SAGE Writing Test --

Just for Fun -- Laughter is Good for You!

To login, you will use your FIRST name and your SSID number (found on your ticket).

Also use the test session ID which I will give you.

Then click the SIGN IN button.

You will look for the WRITING TEST to select.

Stop and listen for the directions I will give you.

Reminders about the SAGE Testing Platform 
(examples from a training test)

Your passages are on the left and your prompt is on the right. 

  • Read the prompt carefully! 
  • Also read the passages, but don't take a lot of time doing that before you begin writing. 

You can expand the passages for easier reading:   
 Notice the arrows to expand and collapse.

If you are typing along,  and you lose what you have written, 
first try the "undo" button."  

If that doesn't work. . . . 

If the "undo" button doesn't work. . . . 
click on the three lines at the top right, and try 
"Select Previous Version."

You have a notepad available.  Open it using the icon to the right.  
SAVE if you want to save what you have written on it. 

You can also highlight text in a passage.  Select the part you want to highlight, then click on the three lines at the upper right, and select "Highlight."  If you click on it when it says "Reset Highlight," it will delete your highlighting. 

Notice that you have a dictionary/thesaurus.  
Open it using the icon found at the right. 

  • As far as we know you cannot use copy and paste from the passages to your essay.
  • Last year the indent for paragraphs did not work. You can space in at the beginning of a paragraph and/or leave an extra line between paragraphs. 
  • If you have not finished both essays, click "Pause." Then click "Log Out."