Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Thursday/Friday, March 3/4, 2016

Announcements and Reminders:

B7 needs the drawing -- missed on Friday.

            Pass off your clauses and phrase sentence if you haven't!   

            Email me if you have revised an essay and are ready for me to check it again. When you are revising/editing, pay attention to the messages from me.  You will see that you have received messages when you log into your home page.  Also see any comments from me or from the program that are embedded in your essay.
      (DC) If you were not here for the District Argument Writing Test,  (IC) you need to arrange with me a time after school this week to take it.
      If you were here and received a zero on your District Writing Test, see me!

Term 3 ends March 18.
All late work, revisions, and extra credit should be turned in by March 11.
There is no school on Monday, March 7, and Ms. Dorsey will have a sub on March 10, 11.
You may still hand in work on those days, but I will not be here for Cavetime or after school.

Targets for Today:
I can use sources to write an informational essay.   I can skim and scan for information.

I can use commas correctly.  

I can create a variety of complete sentences. 

Today’s  Agenda:

1. Pick up your comma packet and complete page 4. 

For each compound sentence and for sentences with two verbs, underline the subject(s) and circle the verb(s).  (These are the sentences for Rule #11.)

Examples:  (I can't circle here, so I will bold the verbs.)

            I washed my mom’s car, and I mowed the lawn.

            I washed my mom’s car and mowed the lawn.

We will correct this as a class. 

(A comma quiz is coming!)  

When you finish, pick up a copy of How They Croaked, and read another chapter or so, or read another book if you have finished reading How They Croaked.

100 Ways to Say "Said"

A sidelight about Informational Writing:  
In the Write Source 2000 books, turn to page 233, and, with your elbow partner, read the Sample Research Paper. 
Read, too, the notes in the margin.  (See photos below of space stations.)

  • Notice the way it is organized.  
  • Notice that it has an introduction that ends in a thesis statement.
  • Notice that it ends in a conclusion that wraps up the essay.
  • Notice that it uses in-text citations (parenthetical). 
  • Notice the Works Cited list at the end. 

These are all things you need in your informational essay about one of the people from How They Croaked.   You do not want to have any zeros on your grade for this essay. 

Watch for messages for you on UtahCompose!   They may point out what you still need to do.  Also use the comments embedded in the essay.  

You can also check Skyward for missing parts of your essays, as I get the papers graded.  Do not wait for me to grade yours.  Go ahead and finish it now.

2. Skimming and Scanning -- 

Why are we doing this? 

Receive the packet about "Your Brain on Movies." 

Here is what scanning and skimming are --

1. Preview:  Title, headings, illustrations
2. Scan 
Find the answers to these questions by looking for specific words.
     1) The magic in our brains is particularly potent (strong) when we do what? 

      2)  What do psychologists call the kind of mental state when our attention is completely absorbed in one activity

      3)  According to a professor and writer named Holland, how do we know things are real?  

      4)  When the part of our brain that knows that what we are seeing is make-believe goes on a temporary vacation, what is that called? 

     5)   Why does watching movies on smart phones limit their magic

3. Skim to get the bigger picture from the article. 
What central ideas come out in this article?  

4. You could also do a close reading to analyze the article more in depth.


Watch these clips, applying as best you can what you learned from the article we read:  
Start this one at 1:05
Then watch

For you to try on your own: 
To practice scanning, try this game:

Did you notice how the music heightens the emotion?
Your experience watching will be more "magical" if you 

Play Grammar Punk

If You Were Absent:

 See above.

 Complete through page 4 in the comma packet:  COMMA RULES.docx
 See the instructions above for page 4. 

When you come back, find the article and questions in the handouts folder.
Scan to answer the questions. 
Then skim through the article, and on the back of the question paper, write two central ideas for the article.  
What are the two major messages found in this article?  
Circle your answers to the questions on the article, write out your answers on the question sheet, write the central ideas on the back, staple question sheet to article, and hand them in to the top wire basket for your class.

When you return, also read through the sample essay in the Write Source book.  See above.

If you are finishing or revising your essays:

For the handouts, examples, etc., see the tab above for Writing/Grammar 2015-2015.
ISS = International Space Station

ISS = International Space Station

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