Friday, March 25, 2016

Monday/Tuesday, March 28/29

Cavetime today (Tuesday):  


Second day of SAGE Testing for A1
Third/last day of SAGE Testing for B-Day classes -- 
If you missed a day, you will have more time made available to finish your test. 

Bring your pencil.
Being your nonfiction book and your book of the month assignment -- just in case your finish. 

Important announcement:  You now have up to 90 minutes for EACH of the two essays. 

Yeah, it's funny, but DON'T be a Calvin on the test!

Sage Testing:  ELA Writing Test
March 23 through March 30. 
B-Day Classes test: March 23, March 25, and March 29.
A-Day Classes test: March 24, March 28, March 30. 

In the classroom:
B-Day Classes,  receive the Book of the Month Assignment:

Click on the link then click on the Download tab to access it. 

B6 still needs to  receive your hall passes for 4th Term.

When you are done with SAGE Testing:

  • Read your nonfiction book and work on your book assignment.
  • Complete comma rules practices and check them off. 
  • Prepare to be a class expert for Long Walk to Water.
  • Practice your word parts (on your magical study guide). 

Will March go out like a lion or like a lamb?