Sunday, March 6, 2016

Tuesday/Wednesday, March 8/9, 2016

Announcements and Reminders:
Have fun on Monday, March 7.  Your teachers will be at school, and you will not!

Tuesday, March 8 is request day for Cavetime.

Wednesday will be  regular Cavetime.

There will be no Cavetime in Mrs. Dorsey's classroom on Thursday and Friday, March 10 and 11.

If you still need to take the District Test, you could do it after school on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Friday is the last day to hand in extra credit, late work, and revisions --except for the informational essay about a person from How They Croaked.  You may revise and edit the informational essay  by Wednesday, March 16.  See your Skyward grades for the informational essay, the messages attached to your essay, the comments embedded in your essay, and see the tab for Writing/Grammar here on this blog.)

Remember to email me when you have FINISHED revising and editing your work.
If you need to complete spelling make-up, the pink slips are in the handout file box.

Targets for Today:

I can use commas correctly when I write.
I can recognize and address a counterclaim/counterargument.
I can revise my own writing.

Today’s  Agenda:

1. Comma packet, page 5!
2. Counterargument  with Mrs. Mace


Pick Your Enemy, and Prove Them Wrong!
Step One: Divide the page in two columns. When I tell you, write the two names on your paper, one at the top of each column.  

Step Two: Below each character’s name, write the opinion they would have about the question.

Step Three: Below that, write two pieces of evidence (reasons) that each character would use to back up their opinion.

Step Four: I will call two people to come up to the front and represent the characters. They will go back and forth sharing their opinions and reasons, one at a time.

Step Five: Pick a reason from the “enemy” and write it below the two reasons. Then prove it wrong!


Which is better: face paint or masks?

The Joker
Masks are better
Face paint is better
1- Some people could have allergic reactions to face paint.
1- It is hard to see and hear when you’re wearing a mask.
2- A mask hides your real face and protects your identity better.
2- Face paint lets you show your facial expressions.

Some people think you can’t hear in a mask, but good masks are designed to prevent that.
Though some people are allergic to paint, there are many hypo-allergenic paints they could use.

Is the rebellion against the government a good thing?
Katniss                                                             President Snow
Two reasons why each would think that

  • Counterclaim -
Prove the other person WRONG!

Santa                                                       The Grinch

Should children receive presents on Christmas?


3. A few other points for your essays.

4. Computer Lab 202 to work on revisions on your Argument essay --

    Check your Counterargument!!
If you have more time, you could work on your informational essay.

Remember to email me when you have FINISHED revising and editing your work.

Some other stuff you need to know: 

If you are done with your argument essay, work on your informational essay.

Informational:  Do not forget your Works Cited list!

For both informational and argument writing, make sure you check your paragraphs for PEE.

Make sure your body paragraphs --
Make your POINT.
Back it up with EVIDENCE.

Remember to email me when you have FINISHED revising and editing your work.


Don't be a 

Just don't do it!

Remember to email me when you have FINISHED revising and editing your work.


If You Were Absent:
See above.

If you are finishing or revising your essays:
For the handouts, examples, etc., see the tab above for Writing/Grammar 2015-2015.