Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Another Example of the Informational Essay About a Famous Person

Thank you to Arianna L.

Galileo Glalilei was clearly the most intelligent person in the room. Galileo is an Italian astronomer who opened the world's eyes to a variety of things we hadn't even thought about. He was born in Pisa, on Febuary 15, 1564. He was the first son of Vincenzio Galilei a famous musician. He matriculated as a student of medicine in the University of Pisa. Whenever he was at home he would study about mathematics and physical science (Physics). This amazed Ostilio Ricci, a family friend professor at the academy of design. From there Galileo's journey began.

 Because of Galileo's interest in mathematics and science it was the end to his medical studies. He produced two treatises which made his name well-known. The first one was called "The Little Balance" and explained the hydrostatic principles of balance. The second described the center of gravity on various solids. "In 1606, Glalileo presented the Venetian senate a telescope of his own design. The success was tremendous. He obtained a life long contact at the Universty of Padua," Gale biograghical in context states.

Later, the invention for his telescope brought to us this new understanding of our Solar System and about the planets in it. Also the telescope gave us a better count about the number of other galaxies and Solar Systems near by us. "Galileo was the first to spot Jupitor's four moons. He also invented the military compass that ensured cannon balls hit their targets." says Georgia Bragg, author of How They Croaked. 

 In the end of Galileo's life he was in much pain. Because the water wasn't always safe to drink, Galileo preferred wine. Which was no really the best idea considering the lead added to his wine was poisonous. Because of the lead he always had headaches, anemia, rotten teeth, and gout. Which is not exactly the most wonderful thing that can happen to you. At the end of his life Galileo was just miserable. His skin was raw and blisters where completely covering his body. "Galileo died a painful death on January eighth 1642 at seventy seven years old, which is double the life the average human at that time" states Wikipedia. In the end Galileo really did open the world's eyes to various things we hadn't thought of before.

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