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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Argument Writing:  A type of writing that states a position on a topic and defends it
Hook: A sentence or sentences that will engage your reader – get their attention
l         Claim/Thesis: A sentence that states your position and includes your main reasons
           Introduction:  The first paragraph of an essay
           Topic Sentence: The sentence near the beginning of the paragraph that states the central idea of the paragraph
          Background Information: The information the reader needs to understand a topic and why it is being discussed
           Body Paragraph:  A paragraph that comes between the introduction and the conclusion
           Transitions:  Words or groups of words that connect ideas and show relationships
           Formal Style:  Writing that does not include contractions or the pronouns "you" or "I"
           Reasons:  Logical main points to support a claim
           Evidence:  Facts, examples, statistics, etc. that support a claim
           Explanation:  explains the evidence and shows how it supports your reasons/claim
           Counterclaim/Opposing Claim:  an opposing argument; something the other side would say 
           Rebuttal:  proving why a counterclaim (opposing claim) is wrong using reasons and evidence
           Conventions:  correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation
           Citation:  giving the source of the evidence 
           Conclusion:  sums up the main point of the whole essay 

You could study these terms using a Quizlet at

Happy New Year!

Your test on Argument Writing Vocabulary is today!
You overall term spelling test is next time!

Study for the Argument Vocabulary Post Test.
Quizlet for argument vocabulary:
(Notice that Quizlet provides you with several different ways to study for the test.)
Important Note: When we take the argument vocabulary post test (in Term 2), you will be expected to know ALL of the terms and their definitions. 

Or see:   


The overall argument vocabulary test will be on January 5/6.     

Announcements and Reminders:

Second Term ends on January 12.
The last day to hand in late, revised, or extra credit work is 

January 6.

  • The post-test on argument terms will be today. 
  • The test on all of your second term spelling words will be on this Thursday/Friday. 
             (See the tab on this blog for Spelling 2015-2016.)

Targets for Today:

Students will recognize the parts of an argument essay, and be able to write a basic argument essay.

Today’s  Agenda: 

argument writing

a type of writing that states a position on a topic and defends it

1. Think and Write: Prewrite and Write 

A Burning Issue!
Write this in your composition book under "Notes and Quickwrites."

  • Choose one of the claims below.
  • Copy it.
  • List at least three reasons why it is true.
  • Write a thesis sentence using your claim and reasons.  
  • Begin writing an argument essay to support the claim you chose.

It is a mistake to let children believe in Santa Claus.
Kids' belief in Santa Claus is healthy. 

2. Look at an Example  of an Argument Essays 

Model Essays on other subjects to review:

and discuss argument vocabulary terms.

3.  Take the post-test on vocabulary for argument writing.

4.  Collect Ideas for Issues You Could Write About  (A1 needs to look at issues next time.)

Other issues:
Laws requiring bike helmets?
school should have less homework
school lunches should  be improved
school should start later (or earlier)
school days should be longer or shorter
there should be less (or more) school days
public school should be abolished
everyone should be required to eat broccoli?!
parents should not require their children to eat vegetables
refugees -- allowed into our country -- yes or no?
spelling should not be taught in school -- or should
BYU  or University of Utah is a better place to go to school
BYU  or University of Utah has a better sports program
age passports required
allowed to take food and drink into theaters
Is it wrong to take your own food and drink into theaters?
Our government should be more limited?
Our government should do more to take care of the people.
There should be a swimming pool at the school.
Kids (after age -- ) should be allowed to vote.

Other issues:
Later start time for school?
giving gifts to friends at school?
Valentines Day banned at school?
PDA at school?
prison and gun ownership?
teachers required to enforce school rules?
gum in class?
food in class?
later starting time for school
required to go to school?
cell phones at school?
longer weekends -- three or four day school/work week
Friday early-out

Other issues:
School Uniforms? 

Other issues:
Cell phones at school? 

 (Receive a list of transitions.) 

Transition Words and Phrases for Effective Writing Writing ...

5. Your argument essay graphic organizer : 
Use two pieces of paper.  
Fold them in half (hamburger-wise) together.  Leave one inside the other and place one staple to hold them together. 
Collect two  or more ideas for a CLAIM with three reasons why it is true. (prewriting)
Fold up this part.
Your Chosen Claim and Reasons written as a Thesis Sentence
Introduction Paragraph  (Hook,  Background Knowledge,   Thesis Sentence with Reasons)

Body Paragraph: Reason #1 why your claim is true  with EVIDENCE AND ELABORATION (WARRANT)
Possible  transitions:

Body Paragraph: Reason #12why your claim is true  with EVIDENCE AND ELABORATION (WARRANT)
Possible  transitions:

Body Paragraph: Reason #3 why your claim is true  with EVIDENCE AND ELABORATION (WARRANT)
Possible  transitions:

Body Paragraph: COUNTERCLAIM  with refutation (why it is not true or not important)
Possible  transitions:

Possible  transitions:

If You Were Absent:
See above.