Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday/Friday, January 28/29, 2016

Announcements and Reminders:
We will use the computer lab today to complete, revise, and edit your argument essays.

SAVE the rough draft you receive, and hand it in next time!  

Notice the posters and announcements for the school talent show.

Targets for Today:

 I can write an effective argument essay, showing mastery of the parts and requirements for argument essay. 

Today’s  Agenda:

1. Prepare for going to the computer lab by pulling out your
folded graphic organizer,
the handout with another graphic organizer and the rubric,
and your composition book.
Take them to the lab with you.

2. Finish the PowerPoint about Using Outside Sources, if needed. 
and/or review the hints below.

A1 -- To slide #9.  Ways to Paraphrase.
Using Outside Sources (1).pptx

3. Go to Computer Lab 202  to finish your argument essay. 
If you do not finish today, you may work on it from home or during Cavetime.   

Do not use the word "well" as in "Well, that is not true." 
Do not fall into the "well." 
  • Write your thesis statement as one sentence.
  • Make sure you have two or three valid, clear reasons to support your claim.
  • Support each reason with evidence and elaboration. 
  • Add transitions, if you have not yet done that.
  • Replace contractions.
  • Replace words that are too informal.
  • Use your ARMS to revise your work.
  • Use your SMILES to edit your work.
Note: is mostly  a collection of opinions and is useful to start your thinking, but use expert opinions and facts and statistics found on reliable, expert sources. 

IMPORTANT: If you have received a copy of your essay from Ms. D, turn it back in (to the top wire basket) when you have finished your essay.

If You Were Absent:

See above.  Complete your essay at home.