Friday, January 29, 2016

Monday/Tuesday, February 1/2, 2016

Announcements and Reminders:
Do not forget to finish your argument essay on Utah Compose if you have not done that yet.
I am working on grading your argument essays.  If your essay is unfinished or would take you down to a D or an F, I am leaving the points as no-count until this Friday.  Then they will be applied to your grade, so finish up your essays, and make sure you meet all of the requirements.  

Some points to check:

  • Use a hook.  Add helpful background information.
  • Write a one-sentence thesis statement. 
  • Base the order of your essay on the order of the reasons in your thesis statement. 
  • Avoid "I" and "you."  in our essay.  Eliminate contractions and abbreviations. 
  • Eliminate unneeded repetition.  (Do not say the same thing over and over and over.)
  • Use transitions at the beginnings of your body paragraphs and conclusion.

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on February 11.

On February 18/19 the counselors will come into our English classes to teach you how to register for next year. 
Your registration papers will be due in our class by February 23.

Targets for Today:
I will understand more about how to use commas (with appositives).

I will better understand what is meant by tone.

I will notice qualities of  informative writing

Today’s  Agenda:

1. Pick up your composition books.

2. CSI

CSI  American Fork

Now Investigating:  Conventions in Sentences Investigation 

Label in your composition book:  CSI #1

  • What do you notice about these sentences?  
  • What do they have in common? 
  • Write down at least three things you notice about them. 

The sentences: 
Avon, a rather small snail, reads a book every day.  
                                        -- Avi, The End of the Beginning (2004)

Ty, a defensive back, was only a few yards from her. 
from the Echo Falls series by Peter Abrahams

Why Are the Commas There?

In your composition book, label the next page 
"When Do We Use Commas?"
Chose one of the above sentences to copy.    Why are the commas in these two sentences?  

Reason #1 to Use Commas 

Just for fun because Avon was a snail who had a shell :

3. Learn about Text Features 
with Mrs. Mace or Ms. Dorsey!

4. Begin reading How They Croaked 

Authors make choices!

  • The tone/attitude they have toward their subject.
  • The facts they chose. 
  • The conclusions they make based on  those facts

Excerpt:  Ludwig van Beethoven

B5 got partway through the chapter.  page 5 "for about forty more years."
B7, too -- page 4 "And there he rested. . ."

                             What sort of book is How They Croaked -- what genre? 

                                 What makes a book nonfiction?  

Notice the TONE of the book
How They Croaked.
What is TONE?
How did you know what the TONE is for this book?
What effect does the TONE have on you?
Watch another day for the difference between

 A List of Tone Words
Utah State Core RI.4

Tone:  "Yes, M'am."

Famous Last Words 
Chapter 1: King Tut

This tangled "lock" remained unbroken for 3,245 years. It guarded King Tut's tomb until 1923.

Watch for this: 
Why do you think the author would have subtitled this chapter as she did? 

What evidence do you see that the author is NOT writing in a formal style? (She's not taking this entirely seriously.) 
page 4 Tut jerky?!
p. 5 “He was still dead.”


More about Tone and Mood

Notice these Words and phrases:
Do you know what it means to "hit pay dirt"?
What words does the author define for you?  (context clues)
Poof is both an interjection and onomatopoeia.

Interesting notes on this chapter:
The phrase “his next excellent adventure” is probably an allusion to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure -- a movie from 1989.

This story has a strong connection to the television program
Downton Abbey!

The Earl of Carnarvon, who owned the mansion that is
used in the television show, was the paying parter
in Carter's expedition that uncovered King Tut.
When Carnarvon died soon after visiting the dig, 

stories of a deadly mummy's curse spread around the world.
Interestingly, Carnarvon died from an infected mosquito bite.

How do we look at death?


How They Croaked 

Extra Resources:

    This is about why King Tut was physically impaired:  (and lets us know that they've pulled him out again!)

    Book Trailer:

    How They Croaked

    If You Were Absent:
    See above.

    Download and print these documents -- or pick them up in the classroom.
    Click on the link, then on the Download tab.