Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Argument Essay? How Could It Be Improved?

In your composition book under Notes and QuickWrites,
create a list of things to change on this "essay." 
First, use your ARMS.
Then use your SMILES.

My Essay

      I think that kids should clean there own schools.  1. It would save $.  2.  Kids might not mess up there schools so much.  3.  It would teach the kids useful skills. now I'm going to tell you about these 3 reasons.
      Because of that the kids would maybe, just maybe clean up after themselfs  If they new thay would have to pick it up at least some days, they might not throw it down.
Finally, kids cleaning they're own schools would save money that could be spent on kool stuff like more sports and treats and parties.   You wouldn't have to pay so many janiters? It would be good not to have to pay janiters.   That would be helpful to not to have to pay those janiters.
       First off,  the kids wood learn usefull skills like vacumming & moping & taking out the trash & cleaning the bathrooms. I hate cleaning bathrooms.  One time the toilet in our downstairs bathroom flooded and Mom made me help mop it up.  Gross!  The mom's and pops would like that cause than they could do it at home to.   They do it in Korea, I heard.
       So I think kids should clean their own schools.