Monday, January 18, 2016

Rubric for Argument Writing

Concerns (1)
Areas that need work:
Proficient (3)
To reach proficiency you must complete the following:
Advanced (5)
You exceeded the standards!

You must have an INTRODUCTION that contains
o Hook
o Background
o Claim
o Claim includes your 2 main reasons

¨   At least 2 sources cited

You must have 2 BODY PARAGRAPHS that contain
o Transitions for each new paragraph
o A topic sentence for each new paragraph introducing your reason to your audience
o 2 pieces of evidence for each reason
o Elaboration for each of your reasons

You must have 1 paragraph that addresses and refutes a COUNTERCLAIM, including
o An opposing transition
o A topic sentence addressing the opposing side
o 2 reasons or evidence to support your refutation
o Reasons or evidence and elaboration that show why your claim is stronger

You must have a final paragraph that is your CONCLUSION, including
o A concluding transition
o A restated version of your claim
o A summary of your 2 reasons
o A concluding sentence that wraps up your essay

You must use correct English CONVENTIONS.
o Capitalization
o Punctuation
o Spelling
o Grammar/Usage

You must have FORMAL STYLE.
o You must argue your point of view (the purpose of an argument paper)
o You must address the correct audience
o You may NOT use “I” or “You”
o Do NOT use contractions, slang, or exclamation points
o Use academic vocabulary pertaining to argument writing

Argument Writing