Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thursday/Friday, March 28/29, 2013

1. iWriteRight: apostrophes to show possession and contraction
Label: with [today's date and] Apostrophe Practice
Apostrophe Practice -- Copy the following sentences, selecting the best answer(s) for each. 
1.  In the school parking lot I saw the 
(a. Long’s, b.  Longs’, c.  Longs’s) car, 
the (a. Phillip’s , b. Phillips’,  c. Phillips’s) van, 
and the  (a. Batemen’s, b. Bateman’s, c. Batemans’ )  pickup.
[Notes:  The family names above are Long, Phillips, and Bateman. Consider each vehicle as if it belongs to the whole family.]
2.  My (a. uncles, b. uncle’s, c. uncles’) car is a Hummer.   (I have only one uncle.)

3.  My  (a. uncles, b. uncle’s, c. uncles’) car is a Hummer.   (I have two uncles who share the Hummer.)

4.   All of my (a. uncles, b. uncle’s, c. uncles’)  own great cars.  (I have several uncles.) 

Apostrophe Practice Key (Whose Cars Are They?)

2. Receive Book 6 Book Assignments (Take home the handout.)
or download from here  Collecting Information for the Basic 8 Book 6 Project.doc

3. Take the District Writing Post-Test.
You will receive points for completing the test and extra credit points for your MyAccess score.

Congratulations to A1, A3, A4, B7, and B8 on your improvement on the District Writing Post-Test!!!

4. Have a lovely spring break and a joyous Easter!

updated 3-26-13