Monday, March 25, 2013

Tuesday/Wednesday, March 26/27, 2013

Happy New Term!

B7, B8  Order of Today's Events: 

1. Media Center to learn about finding literary nonfiction and other nonfiction.  Before we go, copy this part in yellow in your composition book:
         Nonfiction is true.  It is about real stuff.
         Literary nonfiction is written so that it feels like reading fiction: it tells the story of the subject in an interesting way. 

Biography is a life story written by someone else.
Autobiography is a life story written by the person himself or herself.

A bibliography is a list of books or other sources of information. 

Take your composition book to take notes on how to find literary nonfiction, and to jot down book titles you might be interested in. 
If you don't find a book you want in our media center, you may find it in a public library or bookstore.  

2.  iWrite
3.  Gallery Walk
4.  An Indoor Snowstorm

Here we go---

1. Media Center: Instruction, use Alexandria, look for books and check one out if you find the right one.
Basic 8 Book Assignment:  Nonfiction

Nonfiction Books

  • You will select a nonfiction book to read on your own.
  • You should have signed up for your nonfiction book by April 10/11. 
    • Select a book on a topic you really are interested in learning about. 
  • Your project for the nonfiction book will be in two parts --
    • Part 1 (identifying text features) is due by April 18/19.
    • Part 2 (creating a brochure based on your individual nonfiction book) will be done in class on April 24/25.    

How to find literary nonfiction in the media center:
Go to: 
  1. Alexandria (On school website find Resources, find Alexandria on the drop-down menu.)
  2. Look at the right for a drop-down labeled "Simple."
  3. Change Simple to Advanced.
  4. Click on Bibliography. 
  5. Then type in Literary Nonfiction.

Nonfiction Books

2. iWrite:  In your composition book, write about a time when you were really cold.
Label it "Cold" with today's date.   Write about a half page or more.

3. "Gallery Walk"
          Quiet in the halls, please.
          Be on task.
          Do not go near the construction.
 Museum Walk for   Ice Story Pictures
   Students went on an outside walk to find and write about pictures from the nonfiction story we will be reading about.  If you are absent, get one of the handouts and use the pictures at the above link to complete the assignment.

Handout for Ice Story Museum Walk
 -- Print and fill in using the photographs on the class blog. 

4. Snow!  Time for a Snow Storm!
Make a snowflake for our classroom:  snowflake directions.doc  Use the directions, or create your own.

updated March 25, 2013