Saturday, March 16, 2013

Monday/Tuesday, March 18/19, 2013

  • This Friday, March 22, is the last day of Term 3. 
  • The last day to hand in late work, revised work, and extra credit was Friday, March 15. 
  • If you have an F, see the teacher.   
  • Cavetime this week is for D and F students and for Reading 7. 

1. Pick up your composition book and the handout.
Review for phrase/clause test.  Review of Phrases, Depependent and Independent Clauses.doc
(If you are absent, carefully look over this review and see that you understand each "sentence."

Key for Review of Phrases and Clauses)

  • Complete the quiz.
  • Check it with a neighbor. 
  • Find and mark the subject and verb in each underlined clause.
  • Quietly read your historical fiction book or (if you're ahead), another book of your choice.
Next time:  final test on phrases, dependent clauses, and independent clauses.

Blog Resources: Review of Phrases and Clauses

2.  Historical fiction book groups
Catch up on your group's  brief summary of your book in your group booklet.
If you have finished your book, select another historical fiction book from the same shelf to read today.

3.  If time, Grammar Punk for phrases and clauses.
Numbers on the Dice and Examples -- 
  • 1 -- independent clause, underlined
    • Zoey watched an hour of television.
  • 2 -- dependent (subordinate) clause at the beginning of the sentence, underlined  (See WHITE BUS conjunctions.)
    • Before doing her homework, Zoey watched an hour of television.
  • 3 -- dependent (subordinate) clause at the end of the sentence, underlined  (See WHITE BUS conjunctions.)
    • Zoey watched an hour of television before doing her homework. 
  • 4 -- appositive  phrase in the middle of the sentence, underlined
    • Zoey, my best friend, enjoys watching Doctor Who.
  • 5 -- appositive phrase at the end of the sentence, underlined 
    • Zoey enjoys watching Doctor Who, the science fiction television show. 
  • 6 -- prepositional phrase anywhere in the sentence, underlined
    • Zoey likes to watch television after dinner in the family room in her pajamas with her sister.  
With the class or a small group--  In your composition book on the page you started some time ago.

On your own -- In your composition book on the page you started some time ago.