Thursday, March 21, 2013

Key 2 Review Phrases and Clauses


1)  After my friends have all left the party, I’ll help my mom clean up.
 2)  Doctor Who, the Time Lord from Gallifrey,  travels through time and space in a Tardis.

 3) Even before the cold weather is over,  my sister and I will begin planting our  vegetable garden.

4) Harvey signed up for Spanish class, and he wants to take German, too.     
 5)  I’d like to shop at the mall for Sammy’s birthday gift.
6) Leaping down the mountainside, the deer escaped the cougar.
7) [You] Please clean up after yourself when we leave the computer lab.

 8)  Sally always eats too much sugary food whenever she stays at her grandma’s home.    
 9) The pizza is in a cardboard box in the freezer.
 10) While the rest of the family got up and went out to breakfast,  Max slept.