Thursday, March 21, 2013

Friday/Monday, March 22/25, 2013

  • Last week of term: 
  • This Friday, March 22, is the last day of Term 3. 
  • The last day to hand in late work, revised work, and extra credit was Friday, March 15. 
  • If you have an F, see the teacher.   
  • Cavetime this week is for D and F students and for Reading 7.   

You need to look for a nonfiction book to read for your next Basic 8 book.

1. Grammar Punk: Pick up your composition book.  Find the page for Grammar Punk.  
B8: about travel
4 words that begin with "o"
uses at least one pronoun

music or movies
3 words that begin with "y"
uses at at least pronoun

B7:   any subject
5 words beginning with d
at least one adverb 
B7, sentence #2:  
food or drink
5 words that begin with u

2. Share historical fiction books.

  •   in an assigned group (phrase)
  •   Use the paper you filled out last time. (independent clause)
  •   You will take turns going from oldest to youngest. (independent clause)
  •   taking about two and a half to three minutes for each book (phrase)  

3. Share scary stories.

  • in the same group
  • pass the stories around for each person to read 
  • share suggestions and encouragement


first published March 16, 2013