Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

1. Self-Starter:  
1) Finish writing your literary letters.  See the Book-of-the-Month tab above for directions and model letters.
2)  Read Stand Tall and fill in packet.
3)  Study parts of speech and/or work on showing you know them. 

Parts of Speech Assignment

4)  Read your own choice of materials or help with room clean-up. 

2.   Preposition activity
Make a preposition manipulative. 
Try diagramming some sentences with prepositional phrases.
Document to download: 
prepositions list and activity.doc 

Post with more information on prepositons:  Preposition


Diagramming with  Prepositional Phrases: 

Locker checks   /  will happen

     \by                         \on

          teachers                 Wednesday



Special note:  You may try retaking the parts of speech test during Cave Time this week. 
Note:  There will be no Cave Time on Wednesday because we will be doing locker checks.

Reminder:  All late, make-up, and revised work are due by Friday, May 25. 

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