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Subordinating Conjuctions -- Pass-Along Story

Subordinating Conjunctions Activity   (You need a piece of lined paper and the yellow conjunctions paper.)
Write part of a story that will end up using all of the subordinating conjunctions: A WHITE BUS
This is a continued story in which one person begins the story with a sentence or part of a sentence that contains a subordinating conjunction, then passes the story to the next person to be continued with another sentence or part of a sentence that contains a subordinating conjunction.
Each person will begin a story.  Put your name by what you write.
Pass the paper back.  Each time you write, you will use one of the subordinating conjunctions.
Use the subordinating conjunctions in "A WHITE BUS" order. 

After the last school dance
(next student) while the students still lingered in the gymnasium, Jill fell in love with Jack.
(next student)  However, Jack was already in love with Mary
(next student) and wanted to go steady with her if she would agree.
(next student) Jack had noticed that Mary had been kinder to him than Jill had ever been,
(next student)  even though he had known Jill longer.
(next student)  Before the evening was through,  Jill told Jack that she would never talk to him again
(next student) unless he  told Mary to leave him alone.
(next student) Since Jack loved Mary, he told Jill that very thing.

2.  Quiet working time:  Stand Tall and packets,  learning parts of speech, literary letters.

3.  Parts of Speech Review:
Adjectives:   describe nouns

Adverb:  describe or add information to verbs
Pronouns:  take the place of a noun so you don't have to keep repeating the noun


Interjections:  added to a sentence to convey emotion

4. Prepositions:  link nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in a sentence  (examples:  in, of, to, with, by, for, by, without, inside, etc.) 

A preposition begins a prepositional phrase.  
A prepositional phrase usually has the preposition, an article and maybe one or more adjectives, and a noun.  
   Examples:    in the box      over the rainbow     at the farm    
       from my mom       behind the old shed        on the last train 

These nine prepositions do 92% of the work of prepositions: (Memorize them.)

5. Test on Parts of Speech

6.  Quiet working time:  Stand Tall and packets,  learning parts of speech, literary letters, if needed. 

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