Monday, May 7, 2012

Two Word Sentences

Extra credit points are given only for sentences that contain a subject and a verb (predicate).   This time we're not counting the implied subject or verb. You may earn points for up to five sentences. 

From Stand Tall by Joan Bauer:
He shifted.  p. 1 bottom line  from Lauren W.
He nodded.  p. 2   third line down from Lauren W.
He sighed.  p. 2  from Brandon S.
He didn't.  p. 15  Bonnie S.  
He did.   p. 16  from Jaden C.
Tree sniffed.  p. 19  from Bonnie S. 
He laughed. p. 20 from Clayton T.
What's this?  p. 20  from Clayton T.  Think "What is this?"     this   /    is     \__what___
Tree knew.  p. 20  Clayton T. 
Tree nodded.  p. 20 Jaden C.

He tried.  p. 26 Kayli M.
Tree watched.  p. 27  Lauren V. 
Tree tried.  p. 24, 25  Karli N. 
Mona nodded.  p. 27   Wes O.
She smiled.  p. 28  Karli N.
Everyone laughed.  p. 29   Wes O.
Sully nodded.  p. 34  Kayli M.
Tree beamed.  p. 37 Averee C.  
Bradley barked.  p. 37  Karli N. 
Dad served. p. 64  Andrew H.

Curtis sighed.  p. 70  Wes O.
That's him.  p. 75  Zach W.

Grandpa nodded.  p. 87  Zach W. 

Tree aimed.  p. 102.  Andrew H.

Tree beamed.  p. 150 from Andrew H.
They marched.  p. 177 Zach W.
Tree couldn't.  p. 181  Zach W.

from The Mother Daughter Book Club by Heather Vogel Frederick
found by Hannah S.
I snap.  pg. 49
Becca nods.  p. 61
I shrug.  p. 64
I know.  p. 65
I hesitate.  p. 66
I continue.  p. 119
I can't.  p. 128

From Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech
I did.  p. 104   Kaden F.

From Touching Spirit Bear  by Ben Mikaelesen
Cole grimaced.  p. 77
Cole nodded.  p. 102
Garvey smiled.  p. 120
Cole shrugged p. 155