Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1. Self-Starter:   a.  Set up bingo card -- See an example below, but make sure yours is different.
                       b.  and then read your realistic fiction book or begin your Literary Letter #2.
                      (c.) Hand in Literary Letter #1 if you haven't.

Literary Letter #2: 
Write about the setting of your individual book,  and compare and/or contrast  it to the setting in which you live.
Remember that setting includes both the where and the when
  •         time which can refer to  years if indicated, or season or months or days if significant,
        and place -- specific such as at someone's house, in the grocery store, at the beach, and general such as in the United  States or in California    

Important: Include evidence from the book that shows how you know.
  • Literary Letter #2 Sample

    American Fork Junior High School
    Room 206 
    Period  A2  [Replace with your own period.]
    April 25, 2012  [Replace with today's date.]
    Dear Ms. Dorsey,  [Tell about the book and its setting -- both time and place. Compare and contrast your own real setting to the setting in the book.]
          I’m reading Stand Tall by Joan Bauer.  The main setting in my book is a town called Ripley that is within easy driving distance of Baltimore, Maryland where the main character's grandfather spends part of the book in the Veteran's Administration Hospital, and where another character's dad works at a Midas Muffler shop.   Ripley is also just an hour's drive from Washington, D.C.where some of the characters visit the Vietnam Veterans'  Memorial. 
          More specific settings in the book include a city park in Ripley, Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School where the main character is in seventh grade,  the homes of the main character's divorced mom and dad -- just across the park from each other in Ripley,  the YMCA where the basketball team has to take dance lessons, and a veterinary clinic. 
           The time setting is long enough after the Vietnam War (1955 to 1975) for many of the soldiers who fought in it to have become senior citizens and grandparents.  It would have to be after 1982 because that is when the Vietnam War Memorial was built.  
    More specifically, the book begins in December and ends on Memorial Day.   It could be happening about now or ten or fifteen years ago. 
             I think Ripley is about the same size as American Fork -- large enough to have plenty of businesses, but small enough that a lot of the people know each other.  The setting of my life also includes a middle/junior high school, parks, and even sometimes hospitals.  I don't have to go back and forth between two homes, but some of my friends do.   My own setting is also different because I live in the western part of the United States while Tree lives in the East.   Here, instead of going to Baltimore to go to a Veteran's Hospital, we'd drive to Salt Lake City. 
             Our time settings are contemporary because they seem to have the same kinds of conveniences such as cars and computers, and I know of grandfathers in my community who fought in the Vietnam War.  

          Even though Tree and I live at opposite ends of the country, the times and places we live in are quite similar.
    Suzy Quillen

Literary Letter #2  from ______________________ Period _____
o   _____/5  In letter format including heading, greeting, body with paragraphs, closing, and signature.
o   _____/5   What book are you reading and who is the author?
o   _____/5   What is the time setting? Include evidence from the book that shows how you know.
o   _____/5   What is the “place” setting – general and specific? Include evidence from the book that shows how you know.
o   _____/5   How is this setting like and unlike yours? 
o   _____/5   Handed in by May 7.
________  /30 Total 

If needed:    Spelling Make-Up

2.  Prefix/Suffix Bingo -- Review game -- Bingo -- See below.

3.  QAR's -- What are they?  Quaint Ancient Relics?
No -- Question-Answer Relationships

4.  Stand Tall  -- 

A1  --  Read from the middle of page 3 through the rest of chapter 1 and answer the questions in the packet.

A2, A3, A4 -- Read chapter 2 and 3 and complete packet. If time, you could begin the next packet. 

For activity #2 above --
     Review of prefixes and suffixes:    BINGO                                               

  • Write one of the 7th grade prefixes and suffixes in each space. 

  • In one of the spaces you will write the word "prefix." 
  • In another you will write "suffix." 
  • Mix them up so your card will be different from everyone else's. 
  • When the meaning is called out, write it in the space of the matching word or word part.   You are hoping to get a bingo!
  • Example:  Here I've begun filling it in.  This will need to have one of our seventh grade suffixes or  prefixes in each box.




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