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Coordinating Conjunctions and Subordinating Conjunctions 

Coordinating Conjunctions

Coworkers are equal -- all on the same level.


We can remember the coordinating conjunctions by remembering the phrase  


F = for
A = and
N = nor

B = but
O = or
Y = yet
S = so

Coordinating Conjunctions Activity or Grammar Punk
Write a single sentence (or two) using every one of the FANBOYS Coordinating Conjunctions.  Circle or underline each coordinating conjunction.   2 points for each one you correctly use.  8 points required.  

I always wanted to go to Europe, for I was born with an inherited wanderlust, and neither my mother nor my father had ever been able to go, but my Uncle Don did a lot of traveling, and he was always going by train or flying to the next place he thought of, yet he also found time to visit us and share stories of his adventures, so it was natural for me to want to travel, too. 

As coordinating conjunctions,  
"for" means about the same as "because," and
"yet" means about the same as "but."

 Subordinating Conjunctions

a submarine

The Boss with his Subordinates

A after, although, as  

W when, wherever,  where, whenever, while
H how, However
I if
T than
E even though, even if

B because, before
U unless, until
S since, so that

Example Sentences:
As I turned the corner I saw my worst enemy.
Whenever my aunt comes, she brings gifts.
I don’t know how she always knows what I want.
If I get all A’s, my dad will give me twenty dollars.
This makes the game easier to play than it was before.
Even if we don’t go to the party, we should send him a gift.
I didn’t turn my homework in because my dog ate it.
Until I present my book project, my grade will be low.
I’ll come to cave time so that I can improve my grade.

Even though

Subordinating Conjunctions Activity or Grammar Punk
Write part of a story using all of the subordinating conjunctions: A WHITE BUS
This is a continued story in which one person begins the story with a sentence or part of a sentence that contains a subordinating conjunction, then passes the story to the next person to be continued with another sentence or part of a sentence that contains a subordinating conjunction.

Each person will begin a story. 
Pass the paper back. 
Use the subordinating conjunctions in "A WHITE BUS" order. 

After the last school dance
while the students still lingered in the gymnasium, Jill fell in love with Jack.
I don't know how it had happened, but Jack was already in love with Mary
and wanted to go steady with her 
if she would agree.  Jack had noticed that Mary had been kinder to him 
than Jill had ever been,
even though he had known Jill longer.
Before the evening was through,  Jill told Jack that she would never talk to him again
unless he told Mary to leave him alone.
Since Jack loved Mary, he told Jill that very thing. 

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Originally published 2012-05-11