Saturday, November 15, 2008

Student Examples for Themes

Student Examples for Themes

Title of book: Queste Date Read: 11/10/2008 Pages read P. 1-58
Topic: It's about a boy and his friends who live in a world of magic.
Passages that show themes: p. 322 We've go to find Nik," said Jenna. "We've got to."
"Okay," said Septimus, "let's do it."
They care about each other, so they are going to places unknown in order to save their friend.
Theme topic: friendship
Theme: True friends will go to great lengths to help a friend.
-- Thanks to McKay C.

Title of book: Alice in Wonderland Date Read: 11/12/08 Pages Read: 1-38
Topic: The book is about a girl who has a dream and imagines herself in a magical, fantasy world.
Thanks to Tyler F.

Passages that show themes:
Tyler and other students, here is an example of a theme from later in the book.
One theme topic is "Games/ Learning the Rules:"
In Wonderland, Alice must often learn new and strange rules. Not following the rules can cause problems for her. For instance, she is required to follow the Queen's rules in the game of croquet. Alice has gotten better at adapting to new situations as the story goes on.
Theme: Each of us must learn to adapt to new situations in life.

Title of book: The Hero Date Read: 11/9/08 - 11/13/08 Pages Read: 1-50
Topic: This book is about a boy who wants to go on the river with the raft he's building. It's also about courage, friendship, and family.

Passages that show theme:
Pages 6-9 Jaime accidentally loses control of a fire he's using to clear weeds from the family garden. He can't get it out by himself.
Theme: You can't always fix a crisis by yourself.
Thanks to Kaden S.

Title of book: Fairest Date Read: 11/7/08 - 11/12/08 Pages Read: 1-120
Topic: This book is about a princess who is ugly, but has a beautiful voice. She must step into the light to save her kingdom.

Example of passages that show theme:
Pages 83 King Oscaro moved to block her, and it smashed into his face.
Theme: Others make sacrifices to save the ones they love.
Thanks to Kayleigh J.

Title of book: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Date Read: 11/10/08 - 11/12/08 Pages Read: 1-34
Topic: This book is about a young boy who discovers his powers through a man who can teach him to use them.

Example of passages that show theme:
Pages 20 "If you want to do something, maybe you will"
Theme: Stick to your dreams.
Thanks to Marcus O.

Title of book: The Doll in the Garden Date Read: 11/5/08 - 11/12/08 Pages Read: 1-61
Topic: This book is about a girl who moves to a new home and encounters mysterious happenings in the garden.

Example of passages that show theme:
Page 12 "I looked at her and she looked at me. It was a long look and it said we understood something about each other."
Theme: Don't think that you're the only one out there with trials and hardships, because you're not.
Thanks to Natasha B.

Title of book: A Corner of the Universe Date Read: 11/7/08 - 11/9/08 Pages Read: 1-20
Topic: This book is about a girl who discovers she has an unusual family member she didn't know existed.

Example of passages that show theme:
Pages 16 "I have never been away from home without my parents, and I am not about to start now. Mom says 'What are you going to do when it's time to go to college?' I choose not to think about that yet."
Theme: As they grow up, children need to learn independence gradually.
Thanks to Giovanna M.

Title of book: The Boy Who Dared Date Read: 11/1/08 - 11/9/08 Pages Read: 1-120
Topic: This book is about when Hitler was in power.

Example of passages that show theme:
Pages 61 "Hitler is starting to take over and start hiding stuff from the people."
Theme: : "Lies will always be found out and you will get into trouble."
Thanks to Sydney B.