Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November 19/20, 2008

November 19/20, 2008

Today students handed in book approvals and sentence revising packets not yet handed in.

Students wrote a self-starter in their composition books. If you were absent, you may write this on a separate sheet of paper and tape it into your composition book. Label it: "Perfect Society"
If you could live in a perfect society, what would it be like? Who would be in charge? What rules would you add or get rid of? What else would you have or not have in your perfect society?

B2 and B3 finished reading and discussing "The Smallest Dragonboy."
They also finished filling out the story map and other literary terms sheet for this story.
All Classes --
Did a word sort or (A1, A2) participated in a lesson on prefixes and suffixes with Mr. Christensen.
Started reading The Giver, paying close attention to the first scene so they could describe it, and tell what they learned about the community in the novel. The Giver is part of a branch of science fiction known as utopian/dystopian fiction, meaning it is about the attempt to create perfect societies.

Dont' forget that a reading log for your Book-of-the-Month club is due next time.