Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 11/12, 2008

November 11/12, 2008

Students who were ready handed in their Book-of-the-Month approvals. The book this time is from a genre different from that which the student read for the other months. For instance, if the student used a fantasy book and a mystery book already, he or she would use a book this time that is from a different genre -- not fantasy or mystery.

Today we were in the new computer lab. We had a very busy day.
Students took the SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory) Test. This test to match students to the books that will best help them develop their reading skills. It helps us flag students who might need more help with their reading, and recognize students who could be more challenged. Parents, ask your student to show you the print-out of the lexile level and of recommended books at that level.

Students also took a citizenship survey for the school.

They copied, pasted, double-spaced and printed their MYAccess essays so they can work on revising sentences. --- If anyone didn't get that done, he or she should go into MYAccess and copy the essay to a word processing document, double space it, and print it to bring it to class next time.