Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 5/6, 2008

November 5/6, 2008

Special Notice: A1 and A2 received their Book-of-the-Month Club assignment for November-December. The B-Day classes will receive the assignment on November 7. See nearby posts for more information. The book approval is due by Novmeber 14. The reading log for this week will be extra credit.

Responding to Poetry -- Emotions and Ideas
Students responded to the poem "High Flight. " They read the poem, and in their composition books they a) wrote quickly for about two minutes about anything this poem brought to mind for them. b) borrowed one line from the poem and created a poem or continued to write their thoughts, focusing now on that one line. (See the nearby post for the poem and information about the poet.

Genre and Theme
We then read a play titled The Flying Machine by Ray Bradbury. We discussed genre and theme.

Sentence Combining
B1 and B2 had time to do sentence combining. Ask for the worksheet if you were absent.
A1 did part of the sentence combining.

Prefixes and Suffixes
We also looked at a list of words such as

What does "pre" mean in these words?
Is "pre" a prefix or a suffix?

We will be learning prefixes and suffixes in class during this term.