Friday, November 21, 2008

November 21-24, 2008

November 21-24, 2008

Students handed in book approvals and reading logs. Reading Logs (focus on theme) are due today (Nov. 21)
See our class blog for more explanation and examples for theme.
Your next reading log is for November 24-25 and the week after, and is due December 5.

Self-Starter: In your composition book, working from the back, label the page: "Naming."
How did you get your name? Were you names after someone? How do you feel about your name? How important is a name? Are there any names you especially like? Write 1/3 - 1/2 page. (If you were absent, you could write this on lined paper to tape in your composition book.)

Class activities:
1. Community job assignments
2. Make a magical study guide for prefixes and suffixes.
3. Read and listen to the tape of The Giver, chapter 2.
A2 did not listen to Chapter 2

(B2, A1, and A2 still haven't done the radio program.)