Thursday, November 6, 2008

Book-of-the-Month Club Approval

Seventh Grade English Book Approval for the
Book-of-the-Month Club!
This month the approval is due by: November 14 .(Sooner is better!)
The book should be read by December 10/11.

Book-of-the-Month Club Assignment: In addition to the reading we’ll do in class, students are required to read a novel (or other approved book) on their own (outside of school, during advisory reading time, etc.) each month. You will keep a reading log to be handed in each week, and you will complete an assessment based on the book.
Book Requirements: You get to choose your book ☺, but it must meet these requirements.
 The book cannot be one read as a class or as a small group in class.
 The book must be grade level/reading level appropriate.
 The book should be 100 pages or longer. Select a book you can read by the time it is due.
 See the back of this sheet for a list of books not allowed.
 Check your teacher’s website and/or blog for a list of recommended books.
 The book must be approved by a parent or guardian, and by your teacher.
 The teacher may ask you to read a book from a particular genre.
This month the book should be a novel in a different genre than the novels you’ve used so far for Book of the Month.
Student name: (Please print first and last name) ______Period:_____
Title of book: __________________________________
Author's name: ________________
Number of pages: _________ (The book should be at least 100 pages long.)
Parent signature: _______________________ Date: __________________
Teacher approval _________________ Date: ___________ Points _____/10 + on time _____/5 + early _____/5