Wednesday, September 5, 2007

September 5

I hope you had a fun weekend!

Today students received their Term Project Assignment. The assignment for this term is an inquiry project. Students in teams of 3 or 4 will ask questions about some aspect of our school and will prepare a presentation in the form of a video, an iMovie, PowerPoint, or audio-taped segment to teach others what they learned. See the blue packet students received today. Please notice that some of the due dates originally typed on the packets have been changed (I'd forgotten about one of the days we're out of school.) The project should be completed by October 9. (See the packet for interim assignments.)

Today we also took a writing pretest. Students were given a prompt and were given time to organize and do some hand drafting. Then we went into the computer lab and they typed their stories and saved them. Because this was a pretest, points will be given for the work they did today. The stories will be submitted as they are at the end of today's class -- no further revision allowed.

***Don't forget to have your books for Reading Bingo approved and recorded by Ms. Dorsey.

***Another spelling test will be coming on September 21. You may select another five words now (include any you missed last time) and start preparing.