Friday, September 14, 2007

September 17

September 17
If you were absent, check out the blue envelopes at the back of the room.
Self-Starter: Sentence Imitating by Unscrambling
Directions: In your binder, under “Word Work,” unscramble the sentence parts to imitate the model. Then write your own sentence that imitates the model.

1. MODEL: When I awoke, there were snowflakes on my eyes.
Charles Portis, True Grit

Parts to unscramble:
a. in the sky
b. there was a rainbow
c. after the rain stopped

Unscramble and write out the “imitation” sentence.
Then, write your own sentence that imitates the model.

1. More of The Outsiders We are up to page 37, Chapter 3.
2. Receive a progress report today. Students should return progress reports with a parent or guardian signature by September 21.
3. Group Time to plan term project

Remember to have the teacher record your book(s) on the reading bingo card.
Remember to have a binder check if you haven't.
Spelling test on Friday, September 21. You should be studying your words using the Weekly Word Study sheet.
Tomorrow is Midterm.