Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11

1) Copy the model.
2) Choose the matching sentence from the imitations, and copy it.
3) Chunk both sentences.
4) Write your own imitation.
Follow the same steps for the other model.

Model 1: Then, stomach down on the bed, he began to draw.
Katherine Paterson, Bridge to Terebithia
Model 2: Slowly, filled with dissatisfaction, he had gone to his room and got into bed.
Betsy Byars, The Summer of the Swans
a. Carefully, embarrassed by her mistake, she had repeated the process and done it correctly.
b. Later, knapsack high on his back, he ran to catch up.

*Do you have your 5 spelling words for the upcoming test? Are you studying them?
Test on September 21.

1. The Outsiders page 5 -- 15, middle of page.
Students filled out a graphic organizer for characters -- filling in information about the characters -- the Greasers.

2. Planning time for term projects. Students should have formed their groups and picked their subjects. Today the teacher lets students know whether their requested subjects were already taken or not.

* Have you had your binder for English with four labeled dividers checked off?