Friday, September 21, 2007

September 19

September 19
Unscrambling to Imitate
The unscrambling of sentence parts helps you see how those parts are connected within the model sentence.
As a result, you will glimpse the mind of an author composing a sentence so you can go through a similar process when you compose sentences.

Directions: In your binder, under “Word Work,” unscramble the sentence parts to imitate the model. Then write your own sentence that imitates the model.

2. MODEL: Drawn by the scent of fish, the wild dogs sat on the hill, barking and growling at each other.
Scott O’Dell, Island of the Blue Dolphins

Parts to unscramble:
a. yelping and trembling with delight
b. covered with mud from the yard
c. the frisky puppy rolled on the carpet

Unscramble and write out the “imitation” sentence.
Then, write your own sentence that imitates the model.

1. The SORTING HAT visited our room, and the class was divided into "Houses."
2. We listened to/read from The Outsiders, pages 37 to 46, and students created "living diorama of a scene from this section. Great job, students!
3. Time to work with term project groups.