Tuesday, September 25, 2007

September 25, 2007

September 25
Unscrambling to Imitate
The unscrambling of sentence parts helps you see how those parts are connected within the model sentence.
As a result, you will glimpse the mind of an author composing a sentence so you can go through a similar process when you compose sentences.

Directions: In your binder, under “Word Work,” unscramble the sentence parts to imitate the model. Then write your own sentence that imitates the model.

1. MODEL: The girls of her class nearly fought to hang out around her, to walk away with her, to beam flatteringly, to be her special friend.
Katherine Mansfield, The Doll House

Parts to unscramble: (Write this out as a complete sentence with punctuation and capitalization.)
a. really tried to make his best effort with the team
b. to keep up with them
c. to be his absolute best
d. the boy of smallest size
e. to work tirelessly

Unscramble and write out the “imitation” sentence.
Then, write your own sentence that imitates the model.

Teacher’s example:
The firefighters on the truck frantically hurried to leap down to the ground, to move closer with the hose, to search thoroughly, to be the man’s life-saving rescuers.

1. Poetry and Song and The Outsiders – Hank Williams’ “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.” Poems create images (pictures) in your mind.

2 Asking Questions (for the Term Project)
Speak up!
Prepare questions ahead. Share them ahead of time with the person you’re interviewing.
Avoid yes/no questions.
Usually thick questions are better than thin questions
Politely listen to the answers.
You may ask clarifying questions.
Stay positive.

3. The Outsiders Start at page 62. Read through page 75.