Wednesday, August 29, 2007

August 31

Sentence Imitating:
You may continue on the paper under Work Work that you have been using.
Directions: Copy the model and then copy the sentence that imitates it. Then chunk both the model and the sentence that imitates it into meaningful sentence parts, using a slash (/) mark.

1. MODEL: His face was bloody, his shirt torn and bloody down the front.
-- Hal Borland, When the Legends Die

a. The day was perfect, the sky blue and perfect in the heavens.
b. His sister married someone they didn't know, a stranger to the family.

2. Big, rough teenages jostled through the crowd, their sleeves rolled high enough to show off blue and red tattoos. -- Robert Lipsyte, The Contender

a. An old, large man reached for the available chair and sat down, huffing and puffing, before I could get there.

b. Silent, silver fish moved through the tank, their bodies sleek enough to suggest larger and more dangerous predators.

Spelling Test on the five words you selected. If you were absent, arrange with the teacher a time before or after school to take the test.
Start your "Personal Spelling List."

Binder Checks -- You may bring your binder to me to be checked if it wasn't ready for this check.

Students worked on an "Outsiders" Slang Challenge, matching slang terms from the sixties with their meanings.

A3 and A4 - Finish paragraphs.

Bring a book to read next time. You may finish the in-class writing assignment early, so you'll need something to quietly read. (GoMyAccess/computer writing pretest)