Monday, August 27, 2007

Self-Starter for August 27

Imitating the Grammar of the Greats -- Chunking to Imitate
Use your own lined paper.
Label: Sentence Magic
Write your name (first and last) and period.
You will file this in your binder under "Writing."

Directions (Part One): From each pair of sentences below, select the sentence that is divided into meaningful chunks and copy it on your paper, complete with slash marks.

1a. He was still there /in front of the window,/ staring at the saddle, /when two cowhands/ came out /of the nearest saloon.

1b. He was/ still there in front of /the window, staring at /the saddle, when two /cowhands came out of the /nearest saloon.
Hal Borland, When the Legends Die

2a. Then she turned away /from my curious stare /and left the room, /crying.

2b. Then she turned/ away from my curious /stare and left the /room, crying.
Christy Brown, My Left Foot

3a. Shiloh's under the /sycamore, head on his paws, just /like the day he followed me home.

3b. Shiloh's under the sycamore, /head on his paws, /just like the day he followed me home.
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, Shiloh