Saturday, August 18, 2007

Spelling: My Personal Survival List

Our first spelling unit will be on individual survival words. Students will find out what personal words they're not absolutely sure of when they try to spell them. They will select five of those to study for the first spelling test. Here is the chart of survival words that everyone should be absolutely certain of. We will fill out a chart like this in class, students will bring it home for help from parents to fill in any blanks, the teacher will check over the filled in charts and hand them back for the students to keep.

Parents, if there is any information parents feel is too sensitive, you may instruct your student to leave it off.

My first, middle, and last names:

My mother's maiden name:

My mother's first, middle, and last names:

My father's first, middle, and last names:

My grandparents' first, middle, and last names:

My siblings' first, middle, and last names:

My street address:

My town and county:

My teacher's names:









My school administration




My school:

My place of birth:

The hospital of my birth:

My allergies, if any:

My physician's name:

Family cars (manufacturer and make):

Days of the week:

Months of the year:

Friends, relatives, or neighbors to call in case of emergency:

My school subjects:

My school address: 1120 N 20 W American Fork, UT 84003

Other local communities (neighboring towns):

Where I will probably attend high school:

My ethnic background: (e.g. Korean)

The lake, river, or ocean nearest to my home:

My friends' first and last names:

The breed and name of my dog or cat or other pet: