Friday, August 24, 2007

August 27

Self-Starter: Do the chunking exercise on the overhead. File it in your binder under "Writing."
(If you are absent and it is not posted above, see Ms. Dorsey.)
Today --
1. Spelling -- You will learn a new way to study spelling words. You will use it to study the five words you have selected from your "Survival" list. Reminder: Test on these five words on Friday, August 31. If you didn't find five words to work on from your Survival list, select other words that you know give you trouble, or check the list of Spelling Demons at my website. Go to the AF Junior Home Page at, go to Faculty, Dorsey, website, Dorsey, English, Units of Study, List of Commonly Misspelled Words.
2. Poetry -- In the meanwhile, we'll listen to a song and look at the lyrics. Songs are a form of poetry. Did you know Cold Play wrote a song about seventh graders?
3. You will complete the interviews today. Next time we will write a paragraph, following the directions in the packet.

By the time we left, you had
1) copied the three sentences with the slash marks in places that made sense, and filed the self-starter in your binder under “Writing.”
2) handed in the "Spelling Survival List" if finished, and if you’ve checked it with your parents.
If you haven’t , the Spelling Survival List is due next time (Wednesday, August 29).
3) learned how to study spelling words using the individual study procedure, and filed all spelling papers under “Word Work.”
4) completed the interviews and left that paper in the classroom for next time.

Homework: Study your five spelling words.
If you haven't yet, complete the "Spelling Survival List" and go through it with your parents.
If you haven't yet, complete and return the disclosure document signature sheet.
*By Friday the 31st, you should have your English binder with the four dividers for English class: Goals, Reading, Writing, Word Work.

Other Reminders: Spelling test on Friday on the five words you've selected.