Monday, November 12, 2018

Writing Argument with Ms. Yancey -- A.F. High School Student

Ms. Yancey presented in  A2.

Voice -- When you write an argument essay, you will use formal voice.
That means you will not use first person (I, me, my, mine).
You will not use second person (you, your, yours).
You will not use slang or other sorts of informal or unspecific language (including the "dead" words).

Slanguage to more formal language:
I kid you not.   --   This author in serious about the issue addressed here.  (or ) The truth is that. . . .  ,
He drives me crazy.  -- That man is obnoxious.  (or) . . . irritating.

He’s giving me the cold shoulder. -- He was intentionally ignoring her. (Use names as you need to be specific.)

Parts of an Introduction --
Context (background)  
       [What does your reader need to know at the beginning to understand your essay?]
Counterclaim  -- "Although some say, . . . "
Main Claim (Thesis sentence with claim and three reasons why it is true)
    "In truth. . . . "
    "That is not true because. . . "

For a Main Claim you need
     to place it at the END of the introductory paragraph
     to include  the statement you are arguing -- your claim
     to include the three main reasons why your claim is true

At American Fork High School, the general rubric for writing an introduction is

Parts of an intro paragraph

Main Claim

  1. What is context?
  2. Why is it important?
  3. How do we choose what to use?

COUNTERCLAIM: -- For seventh grade at American Fork Junior High, save your counterclaim for later in the essay.
  1. “Although some say…”
  2. What is a valid reason?
  3. Combine 1 and 2

  1. What is a main claim/thesis?
  2. How to make a thesis.
  3. Choose valid reasons for your own argument

Your assignment:  
Write an introductory paragraph on one of these subjects: 

  • Students should have school uniforms
  • Every student should take a musical course
  • Books are better than movies
  • Who is the best Avenger?
  • Should nut and peanut produces be ban from schools?
  • Are humans the best species?

Basic Rubric for Argument Writing for 7th Grade --

You must have an INTRODUCTION that contains
o Hook
o Background
o Claim
o Claim includes your 2 main reasons

¨   At least 2 sources cited in body paragraphs

You must have 2 BODY PARAGRAPHS that contain
o Transitions for each new paragraph
o A topic sentence for each new paragraph introducing your reason to your audience
o 2 pieces of evidence for each reason
o Explanation for each of your reasons

You must have 1 paragraph that addresses and refutes a COUNTERCLAIM, including
o An opposing transition
o A topic sentence addressing the opposing side
o 2 reasons or evidence to support your refutation
o Reasons or evidence and explanation that show why your claim is stronger

You must have a final paragraph that is your CONCLUSION, including
o A concluding transition
o A restated version of your claim
o A summary of your 2 reasons
o A concluding sentence that wraps up your essay

You must use correct English CONVENTIONS.
o Capitalization
o Punctuation
o Spelling
o Grammar/Usage

You must have FORMAL STYLE.
o You must argue your point of view (the purpose of an argument paper)
o You must address the correct audience
o You may NOT use “I” or “You”
o Do NOT use contractions, slang, or exclamation points
o Use academic vocabulary pertaining to argument writing

Argument Writing