Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Thursday/Friday, November 8/9, 2018

Announcements and Reminders for Thursday/Friday, November 8/9, 2018:
Carefully read these announcements and reminders.

There will be no regular Cave Time on Friday. 
Instead, all seventh graders will attend an assembly.

Book-of-the-Month for October:
Today you will have an opportunity to finish up your PEE writing:
Point-Evidence-Explanation for a theme in your realistic fiction book.
Not getting it?  See "Help and Enrichment" at this link: 
The checks on Skyward indicate whether you have
1. included an appropriate theme for your book, and 
2. finished writing your evidence and explanation.
      (If you don't have those checks, go back and finish -- and edit carefully.) 

Your next book-of-the-month will be participating in a book group reading dystopian fiction.  We will read the books in class.  

The December book assignment is a book you have already read that has affected or influenced you.   You could get started rereading your book right away.  You will write a letter to the author (living or dead) about how the book has affected you personally.  These will be entered in a nationwide contest.  

Your spelling test today is on your/you're and there/their/they're.  
You may also retake last week's test on its/it's and to/two/too. 
Next week -- November 14/115 -- is on cause/because, are/our, and a lot/allot/ and NOT alot

The Outsiders 
Remember that you can earn extra credit by memorizing the poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay."  
Extra Credit Poem Memorization

You have a new assignment on CANVAS to write 
a set of Text Messages from one Outsiders character to another. 
You will select one scene and imagine that a character could text another character about what's going on.  Complete this and turn it in by Thanksgiving Break.  You will use a  Fake Text Message Generator and turn it in on CANVAS.
This is well done!  It  captures an event in the book,
 and shows us Two-Bit's personality! -- Eleanor B. 

Targets for Today:
I can show that I know how to spell commonly confused words.
I can identify subjects and predicates (verbs) in sentences.
I can finish writing my book of the month assessment -- PEE Writing about Theme -- with an appropriate theme and effective evidence and explanation.

Today’s  Agenda for Thursday/Friday, November 8/9, 2018:


Carefully read the announcements and reminders.

Spelling Tests
1 Spelling Test #2.  When you are finished, turn it over.
We will correct these together.  Make sure your corrector has corrected it correctly.
Turn it in to the top wire basket.

2. (Ask for the retake if you need it.)   Turn it in to the top wire basket.

If I finish early, I can
     take the retake,
     draw on the back,
     read a book,  or
     rest my eyes.

Next time, the test will be on

November 14/15:
a lot/allot/and NOT alot

5. are/our
We are happy.
Our mother is happy.

6. cause/because
Smoking can cause cancer.
He left because he was angry at her.

7.  a lot/allot/ alot
I’m reading a lot of books.
The teacher will allot one pencil to each student.
(There is no word spelled alot.)

Lesson on Writing 
Complete Sentences

Subject and Verb

 B-Day Sentence Work -- 
verb is an action word or a word that shows state of being.
noun is a person, place, thing, or idea. 

Rule: A complete sentence needs a noun (or pronoun) and a verb.  

To find the main noun (also called subject)  and verb (also called predicate) in a sentence, follow these steps: 

1. Put parentheses around any prepositional phrases.  You won't find either the subject or the verb in a prepositional phrase.  

2.  Find the verb.  (the predicate) 

3.  Find who or what is doing or being the verb.    That is the subject, and will be a word used as a noun (or will be a pronoun). 

These nine prepositions do 92% of the work of prepositions: (Memorize them.)

Try it: 
Put parentheses around any (prepositional phrases).
Underline the verb.
Circle the Subject.

It rained hard in American Fork. 

I ran with my dog. 

The quarterback threw the ball into the end zone.

My mom is kind.     

In Marvel Comics, Peter Parker is Spiderman. 

 A2 Sentence Work -- 
 Place the following pieces of a sentence into an order that makes sense:

  • we
  • the darkness as we did in the arena
  • that can descend
  • manage
  • wrapped in each others' arms
  • guarding against dangers
  • at any moment

What is the noun or pronoun that is the subject of the sentence?
What is the subject doing? (What is the verb?)

Verb = a word that expresses an action or state of being
Noun = person, place, thing, or idea
Subject = the noun that is doing or being the verb -- what is "verbing"?

Steps to find subject and verb -- 
1. Find the verb.
2. Ask yourself, "What is doing or being the verb?" 


Guided Practice

 After a long and sleepless night, my Mom was tired and cranky.

 Is it free?

Time to finish your PEE Writing 
-- your Book-of-the-Month Assessment. 
Look at Ms. Dorsey's comments: Student Demonstration

The following is from a student, Brielle B.

One of the themes in the novel Restart By Gordan Korman is " Honesty is the best policy

When ChaseBear, and Aaron are sent to the principles office. Chase takes the easy way out and is faced with consequences. [This needs the page number.]   When they're sent to the principles office It would be a lot easier for the principle andChase, if Chase would lie and go with Aaron and Bear's way. So Chase chooses to lie about what happened in the band room. While he is now free from consequences of "causing" what happened in the band room. He then is faced with losing his friends.

Chase Is honest with the Judge. He doesn't lie. In the end everything works out.  [This needs the page number.]   Chase has everything lined up for him not to have to go to jail, But the judge asks him if he can promise to never go back to his old self. He (Chase) has a choice. He could either promise he'll never go back to his old self or he could be honest and tell the truth. He chooses to take the risk of being honest. He tells the judge that although he could try as hard as he might, he cannot promise he will never go back to his old ways. In this way he is honest. Everything works out fine, And Chase is able to restart without a guilty conscience

Another sample:

One of the main themes in Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli is "Be yourself instead of trying to be someone else and you will be happier."  The author expresses this theme when he says, "So I just enjoyed the feeling and watched the once amorphous student body separate itself into hundreds of individuals. Ironically, as we discovered and distinguished ourselves, a new collective came into being - a vitality, a presence, a spirit that had not been there before" (41). This shows that the students of Mica High School were all very similar until Stargirl showed up.  They would separate each other into groups, but they were all basically the same. Once Stargirl showed up, they chose to be themselves and be different, instead of trying to be like everyone else. This made them much happier because if you be yourself you will be happier. 

More evidence that shows this theme is stated when the author says, "'Why can't you be normal?' 'Why do you wanna be so different? "(67)  Stargirl was different than everyone else, but she was happier because of this. This is revealed when the author says, "She laughed when there was no joke, she danced when there was no music. She had no friends, yet she was the friendliest person in school" (15).

Thank you, Adam F. !

1.  Double check to make sure you have revised and edited your work.

2.  Read The Outsiders and answer the questions on your Reading Road Map.

Hand in your handwritten draft and your goldenrod worksheet before you leave.

If You Were Absent:

Arrange with the teacher for a time to take the spelling test(s).
Make sure you understand what a noun is and what a verb is, and how to find the subject and verb in a sentence.
Finish and edit your PEE Writing about a theme in your Book of the Month.  See and respond to the Teacher's comments.


 Help and Enrichment 

More sentence work --
Independent Practice

 Jordan wants a puppy for Christmas.

 Nobody’s chili is as good as my Mom’s.

 I saw a baby bear in the trail ahead.

 The ice cream was gone, and Becky thought her little sister was to blame.

 Cinnamon rolls smell delicious.

 The smell of pizza makes my mouth water.

 The teacher didn’t realize how hard it would be to write a list of random sentences.