Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Tuesday/Wednesday, November 27/28, 2018

Announcements and Reminders for Tuesday/Wednesday, November 27/28, 2018:
Prepare for your spelling test: 
   Today --  November 27/28
November 27/28:
8. were/we’re/where
We were happy to see you.
We’re going to lunch.
Where is he?
Did you wear your coat to school?
9. then/than
First we ate, then we played outside.
I like dark chocolate better than milk chocolate.

and  are/our
We are happy.
Our mother is happy.

If you have not received a satisfactory grade for your October Book of the Month-- your PEE writing done on MyAccess under the prompt "Theme in Literature" -- see the teacher comments on MYAccess.  Then revise and edit for an improved grade.  Let Ms. Dorsey know you have done that.   If you haven't done it at all,  do it!

If you have revised and edited your PEE Writing/October Book of the Month on MyAccess, you will need to let me know that it is ready to be rechecked.  Make sure first that you have met all or most of the requirements.  See the rubric for what you need. 

If your CANVAS assignments are late,  you can still do them for reduced points.  Create your text messaging based on The Outsiders, and briefly write what you know about writing an argument essay.  

Your November/December Book of the Month will be due December 11.  You are writing a letter to the author of a book or books that have somehow impacted your life.  Watch for lessons to help you do this.  We will send the letters in to a national contest.  

If you need to catch up on reading The Outsiders, the entire book is available online at
Here is your question packet: The Outsiders Reading Road Map.docx 

Targets for Today:

I can correctly spell commonly confused words. 
I can read a novel and show my comprehension by answering questions.  

I can notice emotions, thoughts, and actions that are the result of reading a book or story. 

Today’s  Agenda for Tuesday/Wednesday, November 27/28, 2018:

1.  Prepare for Spelling Test #4.
2. Take Spelling Test #4 -- and any needed retakes.
3.  Read from The Outsiders and answer questions about my reading. 
4.  Correct the spelling test and hand it in. 

5.  Learn more about our Letters About Literature (Book of the Month) Assignment. 
         See CANVAS for the handouts.  

If You Were Absent:

See above. 


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