Thursday, November 15, 2018

Friday/Monday, November 16/19, 2018

Announcements and Reminders for Friday/Monday, November 16/19, 2018:

1. Pick up an Outsiders book and get out your Reading Road Map.  Begin reading and answering questions.

If you need a reminder for how to do the book assessment -- and examples, see  Friday/Monday, November 2/5, 2018.
More examples are on  Thursday/Friday, November 8/9, 2018.

See this post for instructions on
Using MyAccess Teacher Comments.

Assignments now on Skyward and available to do on CANVAS:   
These are due by the end of Tuesday, November 20!!
You have a new assignment on CANVAS to write 
a set of Text Messages from one Outsiders character to another. 

You will select one scene and imagine that a character could text another character about what's going on.  Complete this and turn it in by Thanksgiving Break.  You will use a  Fake Text Message Generator and turn it in on CANVAS.  After you write your text messages, CREATE IMAGE, the DOWNLOAD image, save to folder,  attach to the assignment, and submit the assignment.  Here is another  example:  Outsiders Text Messages!
Also, on Canvas, answer these questions:  What do you know about the parts of an argument essay?  What makes a good argument?  What makes an effective argument essay? You need to click on the bar for submitting the assignment before your text box will appear.  
See CANVAS -- Assignments 

November/December Book of the Month
  Reread your choice of a book (or book series) that has had an impact on you. 
You will write a letter to the author of the book you read about how the book has affected you -- as part of the Letters About Literature contest.
If you can't think of a book to use, see me. 
We will work together in class on how to write an effective letter. 

Your finished letter is due by December 11. 

Video -- --Watch the "Introduction to Letters About Literature."

1. Pick up an Outsiders book and get out your Reading Road Map.  Begin reading and answering questions.

Our Schedule on Friday will be

A1- 8:15-9:05 50 MINUTES
A2- 9:10-10:00 50 MINUTES
A3- 10:05-10:55 50 MINUTES
A4- 11:00-11:50 50 MINUTES
Lunch 11:50-12:15

Bus Run at 12:15

Our next spelling  test -- after Thanksgiving --
November 27/28:
8. were/we’re/where
We were happy to see you.
We’re going to lunch.
Where is he?
Did you wear your coat to school?
9. then/than
First we ate, then we played outside.
I like dark chocolate better than milk chocolate.

and  are/our

We are happy.

Our mother is happy.

William Goldman, the author of The Princess Bride (and of the screenplay
 for the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) died on Friday at age 87. 

This is what the t-shirts look like that are for sale,
raising funds for our AFJH Christmas Charity Drive.
You can buy them at school or order them at

Targets for Today:

I can correctly punctuate and capitalize titles.
I can understand (and hopefully enjoy) the novel The Outsiders

Today’s  Agenda for Friday/Monday, November 16/19, 2018:

A-Day -- Argument Writing with a very special guest

Writing Argument with Ms. Yancey -- A.F. High School Student

B-Day --

1. Pick up an Outsiders book and get out your Reading Road Map.  Begin reading and answering questions.

2. How do I punctuate titles?

The Snake Game  --Move fast!
Write down the correct answers on your own paper as we play. 

1    2    3    4    5

6    7    8    9   10

11   12   13   14   15

16   17   18   19   20

3.  Reading The Outsiders  with your Reading Road Map.

How to Write Titles 
1) In print, titles of longer works are italicized, or printed in italics. 
This sentence is printed in italics
In handwritten papers, underlining is used to set off the words in some kinds of titles.
books, plays, book length poems
newspapers, magazines, pamphlets
movies and television series
paintings, sculptures, CD titles, ballets, operas, musicals ships, aircraft, and space craft

2) Use quotation marks to enclose the titles of shorter works.
short stories essays
short poems songs, articles chapters of books television episodes

3) Capitalize the letter of the first word, the last word, and all important words in a title. 

Practice Sentences:

  1. The book American Folk Toys includes directions for making many simple toys.
  2. Some students in ballet class will have roles in the Nutcracker Suite.
  3. Our group is studying Walter de la Mare’s poem The Listeners.
  4. One of my favorite episodes of Star Trek was called The Trouble with Tribbles.
  5. The short story A Time of Beginnings was about the life of an artist.
  6. In the history book Across the Centuries there’s a chapter called Colonial Americans - - How They Lived.
  7. Jasmine will sing The Star-Spangled Banner at the baseball game tomorrow night.
  8. Walt Disney’s film Fantasia was the first color cartoon to feature classical music.
  9. The song Tomorrow is from my favorite musical Annie.
  10. I enjoyed Jack London’s story To Build a Fire and his novel The Call of the Wild.
  11. North by Northwest is a classic Alfred Hitchcock film.
  12. The famous opera Madame Butterfly has a tragic story line.
  13. My aunt Lulu always sends me a subscription to National Geographic magazine at  Christmas time.

  1. Lord Byron’s poem Don Juan is so long that it fills an entire book.
  2. The space shuttle Colombia landed perfectly after its flight.
  3. I hope to see the exhibit about the Titanic at the Metreon in San Francisco.
  4. The San Francisco Examiner had a great article called 49er’s and Raiders Clash.
  5. I really liked the way Catherine McPhee sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow on
    American Idol.
  6. Did you like Langston Hughes’ story Thank You Madam?
  7. The song Listen on Beyonce’s new album B’Day is from the upcoming movie

If You Were Absent:

The Outsiders Reading Road Map.docx 

Here is the titles worksheet.  punctuating-titles.pdf


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