Monday, October 8, 2018

Notice and Note Signposts

Notice and Note Signposts 

 Contrasts and Contradictions -- a boy who is supposed to be hard and mean cries after he accidentally kills a bird.

Aha Moment -- In Among the Hidden,  this happens to Luke. 
 "The answer was there instantly,  as if he'd known it all along and his brain was just waiting for him to come looking."  

Sentence starters for Aha Moments -- 
"I realized. . .  "  
"I suddenly understood. . . . "
"It came to me that. . . "  
"Now I knew. . . " 

Tough Questions -- "I wonder what I should do about. . . . "
"Why did Papa have to die?  Why did he leave me and mama? "  
     Has anyone read this book?  

Words of the Wiser -- 
"Ya gotta do what your heart tells you" (p. 39).  --  Riding Freedom

Tuck Everlasting -- Tuck tells Winnie,  
"It's a wheel, Winnie. Everything's a wheel, turning and turning, never stopping. The frogs is part of it, and the bugs, and the fish, and the wood thrush, too. And people. But never the same ones. Always coming in new, always growing and changing, and always moving on. That's the way it's supposed to be. That's the way it is." (12.6)

Again and Again  -- In Hatchet, Brian keeps calling to mind something he calls "The Secret." 

Memory Moment -- Ponyboy remembers and tells about when Johnny was beaten by the Socs.