Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wednesday/Thursday, January 11/12, 2017

Announcements and Reminders:
 Welcome to our New Semester and Term! 

  • For just today you may choose your own seat!  
  • Pick up your composition book from your old crate or drawer.  
  •      (Class A1's have been moved to one black crate, 
    • and A2's are in a box by the old computer.)
  • You will turn in your Cloze document from the History of the English Language Assignment.

     Make sure you have a useable composition book.
It should still have lots of unused pages left, and be divided into these three sections:  CSI, Writing Prompts, and Notes.

     It should be in good shape -- not ragged with pages torn out. 
     It should NOT be a spiral notebook or binder. 

     Should you not have it with you on a day, cut a piece of binder paper a bit smaller than your composition book, and use that to write your assignments.  Save it to tape into your composition book. 

From your last semester, save the last two paragraphs you wrote: 
  • Description of a place: Describe a scene of your choice. It needs to be real or based on reality. You will NOT tell a story, only describe a place.
  • Comparing or Contrasting Your Christmas Celebration with Your New Years Celebration

Targets for Today:

I can focus and read a variety of books and other materials. 
I can create complete, correct sentences, using a variety of types of sentences.
I know and can use word roots, prefixes, and suffixes to enlarge my vocabulary.
I can write paragraphs  in a variety of sentence structures and for a variety of purposes.

Today’s  Agenda:

1.  Individual Reading:  You may read more from How They Croaked, if you wish, or read another book or magazine.  

➾Your next Book of the Month will be Historical Fiction or Multicultural Fiction.  Both are a type of Realistic Fiction.  

2.  Conventions in Sentences Investigation -- 
        Diagramming Sentences

Write this in your composition book under "C.S.I." 
Label this assignment "C.S.I. 3-1" with today's date:   
(Correctly labeling earns points!)
We use sentence diagramming to create visual representations of sentences to help us understand the parts and patterns of sentences. 

Receive a Sentence Diagramming Guide. See the first two examples.

Diagram these sentences:

Jack laughed.

Did Tara nap?

Brooke had left.

Is Porter hiding?  

Class editors will check your work.  
Tape the diagram in to your composition book.  Listen and watch for directions.

3. Word Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes -- PowerPoint and Cloze Notes 

A Quick History of the English Language
    Watch a powerpoint and fill out the cloze worksheet.

Fill out the cloze document, and hand it in. 

-- and just for fun  --
[Jermaine Clement is the biggest, baddest giant in the BFG movie. He is also Tamatoa -- a gargantuan coconut crab -- in Moana.] 

We will be learning a group of Greek and Latin Word Roots. 
 Next time you will create a magical study guide to use for learning them. 

Next Time
Look at historical fiction books.
More Sentence Diagramming
Our First Set of Word Roots to Learn 
Writing   -- Paragraphs 
        "Fishbowl Paragraphs"  Take notes in your composition books. 

If You Were Absent:
If you are absent, you will be able to  complete this the word roots exercise by watching the PowerPoint and filling out the cloze exercise that goes with it. 
Here is the PowerPoint:
History of English 2017.ppt

And here is the cloze document to fill out:
Study the first two examples: 

 Paragraph: A paragraph is a group of related sentences that develops one central idea. 
Word Roots: