Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday/Wednesday, January 24/25, 2017

Announcements and Reminders:
Study your sentence diagramming guide if you haven't yet mastered the sentences on the quizzes we have been taking.        

Use your magical study guide to help you learn the word parts you will be tested on. 

If you have not finished your magical study guide or had it checked off,  quietly complete the assignment during reading time. 

Book of the Month:  Historical Fiction or Multicultural Fiction
                                       Sign-Ups due January 26/27 -- this week.
                                       Your assessment is due by February 9/10.

The last day to hand in late work, revised work, or extra credit for Term 3 will be March 10.     

Targets for Today:

I can read a variety of materials, developing reading stamina.

I can recognize and use verbs.

I can show my understanding of sentences by diagramming them.

I know word parts that can help me unlock the meanings of many words. 

Today’s  Agenda:

Pick up your composition book and sit at your assigned seats. 

1.  Individual Reading Time:  The best idea would be to read an historical or multicultural fiction book.   Sign up for your book of the month if you haven't yet. 

2. Complete or Correct these sentences: 

Write this in your composition book under "C.S.I." 
Label this assignment "C.S.I. 3-4" with today's date:   
(Correctly labeling this assignment earns points!)

An indirect object refers to someone or something that is affected by the action of a transitive verb (typically as a recipient), but is not the primary object (e.g., him in give him the book ). 

John gives his mother a present.

More Examples:

Could you bake me a cake?

The bookstore sent me the wrong book. 

In your composition book, diagram these sentences:

Someone gave Mr. Gillis a microphone.

Mr. Gillis handed Ms. Dorsey earplugs.

Will Mr. Anderson send your parents an email? 

3.   More about Verbs: 

Recognizing Verbs
 -- This is a link to a post on this blog.  
Watch the PowerPoint: Verb Tense

Play Twenty Questions Verb Edition

Send a representative up --
   by how your birthdays fall in the year.
Keep track of points.
Keep track of number of questions.
Yes/No answers only

Helpful questions:  
(Remember to start with more general questions and move to more specific questions.) 
Is it an action or a state of being verb? 
Does this verb take a direct object?  (Do you do it to something or someone?)
If it is a verb that takes a direct object, you may ask 
    Name one thing you would commonly do it to.
Do you do it alone? 
Do you do it at home? (or ask about another place)
Do you do it more at a certain time of year (or day)?
Can you do it to a ____________?
Is it a type of movement?
Do you do it more with your legs (or arms)  than with other parts of your body? 
Do you do it in a certain school class? 
Is it usually considered a bad thing to do?
Would your mother/teacher want you to do it? 

4. Sentence Diagramming Quiz -- Class A2 did not take the quiz.

5. Word Parts

If You Were Absent:

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