Thursday, January 19, 2017

Friday/Monday, January 20/23, 2017

Announcements and Reminders:
Today, January 20 -- whether it is a great day or not-so-great
depends on how you view it, 

but we live in a wonderful land
with so many freedoms and opportunities, 
and we can work out our differences with 
civility and a desire to find truth.

Targets for Today:

We can read a variety of materials successfully.
We can compare a fictional version of a topic with a nonfiction version.
We can learn word parts that will help us understand a wide range of words.
We can recognize and effectively use verbs in sentences.

Today’s  Agenda:
Pick up your composition book and sit at your assigned seats. 

1.  Individual Reading Time:  The best idea would be to read an historical or multicultural fiction book.  (A1/A2:  If you have not finished your magical study guide, finish it now.)

2. Receive the Book of the Month Assignment. (A1/A2)
          B5/B6 -- More about the Book of the Month Assignment.

3. Quick Quiz #3   and/or make-up quizzes. 

[B5/B6 Finish Magical Study Guide]

B5 got to here. They did not do the CSI or verb instruction.
B6 did the same.

4.   Conventions in Sentences Investigation -- 
        Diagramming Sentences

Today we are learning about VERBS. 
Schoolhouse Rock

Recognizing Verbs -- This is a link to a post on this blog.  
Watch the PowerPoint: Verb Tense

Write this in your composition book under "C.S.I." 
Label this assignment "C.S.I. 3-4" with today's date:   
(Correctly labeling this assignment earns points!)

An indirect object refers to someone or something that is affected by the action of a transitive verb (typically as a recipient), but is not the primary object (e.g., him in give him the book ). 

John gives his mother a present.

More Examples:

Could you bake me a cake?

The bookstore sent me the wrong book.

In your composition book, diagram these sentences:

Someone gave Mr. Gillis a microphone.

Mr. Gillis handed Ms. Dorsey earplugs.

Will Mr. Anderson send your parents an email?

Word Parts

If You Were Absent:
See above for what we did. 
Make sure you get the book of the month assignment and understand it.
Complete the CSI assignment and put it into your composition book.
Complete your magical study guide if you haven't. 




indirect object:

Extra Credit Opportunity:   Up to 12 points. 
Memorize the Helping Verbs  for 
You could use one of these songs to help you: