Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday/Tuesday, January 13/17, 2017

Announcements and Reminders:

Do not forget that you need a composition book to leave in the classroom for English 7.
From your last semester, save the last two paragraphs you wrote: 
  • Description of a place: Describe a scene of your choice. It needs to be real or based on reality. You will NOT tell a story, only describe a place.
  • Comparing or Contrasting Your Christmas Celebration with Your New Years Celebration

If you need to complete the History of the English Language assignment from last time, the powerpoint and notes paper are both available to download from  the blog post from January 11/12.  You could pick up a copy of the notes paper from the handout file.                 

We still need to hand out Hall Passes for B5.
The B6 class needs to tape in their Sentence Diagramming Guides. 

Targets for Today:

  • Preview Historical Fiction and Multicultural Fiction books.  (Watch for the book assignment next time.)
  • Learn more about sentence parts and patterns by diagramming.
  • Receive the list of word parts you will learn, and create a "magical study guide" to use as you practice them.  You will hand in your magical study guides today, and be able to take them later to use as you study.

Today’s  Agenda:
1. Find your seat and pick up your composition book.
Wander around the room looking at the historical and multicultural fiction books.


  1. Select an historical or multicultural book to read for a few minutes.
  2. The teacher will tell you when it's time to talk with  your elbow partner about what you've read. 
  3. Then you will select another book (perhaps the one another student told you about.)
  4. Read for a few minutes.
  5. Share with a different student.  (Ms. Dorsey will tell you who.)
  6. Repeat as directed by Ms. Dorsey.
3. Quick Quiz

4.  Conventions in Sentences Investigation -- 
        Diagramming Sentences

Write this in your composition book under "C.S.I." 
Label this assignment "C.S.I. 3-2" with today's date:   
(Correctly labeling earns points!)
We use sentence diagramming to create visual representations of sentences to help us understand the parts and patterns of sentences. 

Use your sentence diagramming guide.  Study  the third example -- the one with Modifiers

Example sentences: 
Example:  The blue ball bounced high.   

Example:  The lost sheep wandered helplessly. 

Diagram these sentences:

A young girl giggled helplessly.

Did the kind old man fall down?

The frightened boy ran quickly.  

Class editors will check your work.  
If you haven't already, tape the diagram into your composition book.  
Listen and watch for directions.

5. Create a Magical Study Guide for your Greek and Latin word parts.
Receive your word list and directions. 
Follow step by step. 

Word Parts Chart 2017.docx    These are the word parts you will be learning. 

Next time:
Create an "Appointment Clock."
Writing Paragraphs

If You Were Absent:

See above.
Study the first three examples:


For C.S.I --
Autopsy Word Origin (Etymology)

mid 18th century: from Latin, literally ‘after death.’