Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Thursday/Friday, February 11/12, 2016

Announcements and Reminders:
If you have extra time,  check on and complete or revise and edit your argument essay and/or your informational essay. 

Parent-Teacher Conferences were held on February 11 -- yesterday.

On February 18/19 the counselors will come into our English classes to teach you how to register for next year. 
Your registration papers will be due in our class by February 23.

Targets for Today:

I can write a short argument or an argument essay.
I can write an informational essay.

I know how to use commas.

Today’s  Agenda:

1. In your composition book,  write an argument:

We should celebrate Valentines' Day.
We should not celebrate Valentines' Day.

Here is someone who truly believes in Valentines' Day!

2. Watch a video.  Argument:

3.  Complete this activity:

    CSI: American Fork

  •     Copy this sentence into your composition book  in your Notes and QuickWrites, and 
  • list everything that you notice about the sentence, and/or you may label the parts of the sentence:

4. The bell rang for first period, 

and the students herded noisily through the door.

Possible Noticings for Sentence #2

Conjunctions -- Coordinating Conjunctions

 For extra credit, memorize the FAN BOYS!  

Reasons to Use Commas

Reason #4.  Use a comma in front of a coordinating conjunction when it is used to join two independent clauses.

5. Computer Lab or Chromebooks to work on essays

Informational Essay about King Tut -- sample essay, unfinished

If You Were Absent:

 See above.