Friday, February 19, 2016

Cavetime, February 19, 2016

Reading 7:

  •  If you need to work on your computer lab packets, go to lab 202 immediately. 
  •  If you have a low grade on your reading logs, take your make-up work home to complete it.  Today you could sit and read the entire Cavetime, then have Ms. Dorsey sign one of your  make-up days.             

English 7:

  • If you need to work on either your argument essay or your informative essay, AND YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO, go to lab 202 immediately. 
  • If you are unsure how to complete the assignment successfully,OR IF THE LAB IS FULL, stay in the classroom, pick up a graphic organizer for your essay and fill it out.  
Your informational essay is not intended to repeat what you read in How They Croaked.  It is to present additional information about that person.

Literature 7: 
  • You may work on your composition book, or read!  
Mock Trial: 
  • Work on your part of the case alone and/or with your attorney or witness.