Saturday, August 29, 2015

Monday/Tuesday, August 31/September 1, 2015

Announcements and Reminders:
Get your grades up BEFORE we begin the Cave Time schedule (September 8?). You will want to have a colored slip so you can choose your activities during Cave Time!  

Remember to be reading your book for the September Book-of-the-Month assignment:  Book of the Month Assignment.docx

Also, remember to learn how to ALWAYS recognize when these words are spelled correctly: your/you're, there/their/they're.
School pictures will be taken this Thursday and Friday during your math class.

If you have not finished or taken the Literary Terms Pretest, see me, please.

Targets for Today:

I will participate appropriately in class
        (Utah State Core Language Arts: Speaking and Listening, Standard 1)

I will practice thinking about how correct sentences are put together.
 (Utah State Core Language Arts: Language, Standard 1-2)

I will show what I know about reading and comprehending literature and informational text by taking the Scholastic Reading Inventory test to determine my own lexile level.  
(Utah State Core Language Arts: Reading: Literature and Reading: Informational  , Standard 10)

 I will understand what a plot is, and be able to explain the parts of a plot.
        (Utah State Core Language Arts:  Reading Literature, Standard 3)

 I can select and read books at my own reading level.

Today’s  Agenda:

1. Complete this activity:

    CSI: American Fork

    Copy this sentence into your composition book on the next page in your Notes and QuickWrites, and list everything that you notice about the sentence, and/or you may label the parts of the sentence:

3. Priscilla has Monk in a hammerlock ("Priscilla and 
the Wimps").

Sample Things to Notice in Sentence #3

Learn More:


2.   Student Stars

 3.  Spelling Words for this week: (test on September 4 and 8) 
Click here: 

Your/You're and There/They're/Their

4.  A1: Take the SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory).

Taking the SRI Test

Take along your book to read.
The rest of the classes will do this on Thursday?

4. B5, B6, B7 -- Fill in the plot map for "Priscilla and the Wimps."

6. Add these words on the page:  


   Types of conflict:
  • person vs. self
  • person vs. person
  • person vs. society
  • person vs. technology
  • person vs. nature
  • person vs. the unknown/supernatural

   5. Media Center to find books for the Book of the Month, or to read your own Book of the Month book.

If You Were Absent: