Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Friday/Monday, August 21/24, 2015

Announcements and Reminders:
Don't forget to bring back your signed disclosure signature sheet -- with the VIP form filled out on the back. 

Don't forget to bring a composition book to leave in the classroom.

School Pictures:  September 3-4

Do not forget to prepare for your spelling test about its/it's and to/too/two.  

Targets for Today:

 I will participate appropriately in class
        (Utah State Core Speaking and Listening, Standard 1)

I will understand better how to use the media center!  

 I will understand what a plot is, and be able to explain at
       least two parts of a plot.
        (Utah State Core Reading Literature, Standard 3)

Monday Early-Out Day Schedule
A1/ B58:15-9:25A1/ B58:15-9:2570 minutes
A2/B69:30-10:45A2/B69:30-10:4575 minutes
Lunch10:45-11:15A3/ B710:50-12:0070 minutes
A3/ B711:20-12:30Lunch12:00-12:3030 minutes
A4 /B812:35-1:45A4/ B812:35-1:4570 minutes

Today’s  Agenda:

  • Find your seat on the seating chart.
  • A1 received their disclosure documents and participated in a brief quiz based on the document.  Bring those back by August 26/27. They also received their hall passes.
  • Pick up your composition book.
     If you have them filled out, turn in your disclosure signature sheet and VIP sheet.

    1.   Finish the short story "Seventh Grade." 

    2. Composition Book Set-Up      See Composition Book Set-Up

   [A1 -- Pass back Plot Maps.  Keep them in your composition book.]

   3.   Copy the basic plot map into your composition book on page 93.

4. Media Center Orientation  --  Remember

                    Check out up to 3 books for 2 weeks with 1 dime a day fine for overdue books.

    [ "Fieldtrip" emergency evacuation practice for A1.
        If there is an emergency evacuation, all students 
      join their A1 teacher on the playing fields.]

Focus for today: PLOT

Plot Map

 Draw this map (to take up a whole page) if you haven't already done it.
Plot:  A series of related events that make up a story


       The exposition introduces us to the character(s), setting (place and time), 
             and may give us other  background that will help us understand the story.
        The conflict is the problem faced by the main character or characters in the story.

        The inciting incident is something that happens that triggers the problem/conflict -- gets things               going in the story.

Don't forget your spelling words!

If You Were Absent:

Continue to study the spelling words its/it's and to/too/two. Your job is to know which is which, and to get into the habit of checking your own work for possible errors.

To/Two/Too -- Spelling

Study the plot map above.  Identify the parts of the plot map as you find them in the short story "Seventh Grade" -- just as far into the story as your class read. 
Here is the story we read: :
A1 did not do anymore on this.
B5 read through the end of the story. Began copying plot map.
B6 read through  end of story. Began copying plot map.
B7 read through end of story.  Did not copy plot map.

See this post or the handout in the classroom for setting up your composition book:

Composition Book Set-Up