Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wednesday/Thursday, August 19/20, 2015

Tuesday – Friday without CAVE Time
      1s Lunch                              2nd Lunch
A1/ B58:15-9:40A1/ B58:15-9:4085 minutes
A2/B69:45-11:15A2/ B69:45-11:1590 minutes
Lunch11:15-11:45A3/ B711:20-12:4585 minutes
A3/ B711:50-1:15Lunch12:45-1:1530 minutes
A4 /B81:20-2:45A4/B81:20-2:4585 minutes

Announcements and Reminders: 

Welcome to Seventh Grade Language Arts (English) class! 

If you didn't yet pick up the list of needed supplies, please pick up one.  It's the goldenrod-colored strip of paper.

Don't forget to bring a composition book to leave in the classroom.

School Pictures:  September 3-4

See this link for needed supplies and more information:

Welcome to the 2015-2016 School Year

Targets for Today:

  I will participate appropriately in class
        (Utah State Core Speaking and                            Listening, Standard 1)

  I will legibly write at least a half page in    response to the prompt given.
        (Utah State Core Writing, Standard 10)

   I will show what I know about the
       elements of literature through a pretest.
       (Utah State Core Reading Literature, Standard 3)

   I will understand what a plot is, and be able to explain at
       least two parts of a plot.
        (Utah State Core Reading Literature, Standard 3)

Today’s Agenda:      

       On the seating chart, find your assigned seat .  
   1. Bell-Ringer:  You have five to seven minutes to write.
     On lined paper (no spiro-bits), write about what you already know about language arts (English).   What have you learned during your elementary school years about . . . 
  • speaking in front of a group,
  • listening, 
  • reading, 
  • writing, 
  • grammar, 
  • increasing your vocabulary, 
  • and spelling ?  

  Use complete sentences and do your best to write complete sentences and to     use capitalization, punctuation, and spelling correctly.  Write at least a half-page, single spaced.

   When you are finished, hand in your paper to the top basket of your period's hand-in basket.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

   2. Test on Literary Terms
  • When taking a test DO NOT talk, whisper, sign, or otherwise communicate with classmates until Ms. Dorsey says you may.
  • Your desk should be cleared of everything except the testing materials.
  • Do not look at another student's work.
  • Take the time you need, but do not dawdle. 
    • You will take the test on a bubble sheet which will be read by Mastery Connect.  
    • Your name and student number are ALREADY on the bubble sheet.
    • Fill in only the answers for the questions, using a pencil. 
    • Do not make any extra marks on your bubble sheet.
    • Do not write on the test itself.

  • For this test, when you finish, bring the test sheet and test to Ms. Dorsey's desk.
  • This is a PRETEST to find out what you already know. 
  • Take the test seriously, and do your best. 

   3. Our SPELLING TEST  on August 27/28 will be on these words. Be able to write the correct 
        form in sentences.


  3.  Receive Disclosure Document and Take the Disclosure Quiz

  4.  Short Story:  "Seventh Grade" by Gary Soto

Here I am with Gary Soto!

Focus for today: PLOT
Plot Map
You Might Draw this map (to take up a whole page).
            Plot:  A series of related events that make up a story


       The exposition introduces us to the character(s), setting (place and time), and may give us other             background that will help us understand the story.
        The conflict is the problem faced by the main character or characters in the story.

        The inciting incident is something that happens that triggers the problem/conflict -- gets things               going in the story.

   Put away composition books.

You Might Fill out and leave an Exit Slip.

Do not forget to go over your disclosure document with a parent, and to return the signature sheet, signed.
(A1 will receive their documents on August 21.) 

If You Were Absent:

Arrange with Ms. Dorsey a time to make-up or complete the writing prompt and the literary terms pretest.

Begin to study the spelling words given above. Your job is to know which is which, and to get into the habit of checking your own work for possible errors.
Study the plot map above.  Identify the parts of the plot map as you find them in the short story "Seventh Grade" -- just as far into the story as your class read. 
Here is the story we read or began reading : http://www.cforks.org/Downloads/7.pdf
A1 read through paragraph 6 "that's for sure."
B5 read through paragraph 3 of the fourth page: "Her next class was French, same as Victor's."
B6 read through paragraph 3 of the fourth page: "Her next class was French, same as Victor's."
B7 read through paragraph 3 of the fourth page: "Her next class was French, same as Victor's."